5 Artistes to Watch in 2016

The world of charts-topping songs as you know it is a topsy-turvy one in terms of how long a record lasts in the minds of today's generation. It's one thing for a rising star to emerge, but another for their music to last a few months or even for just one moment in time.This year will offer its fair share of artistes and their songs to watch in 2016 as there are several new "kids on the block". It is interesting to see who will stand out above the crowd of competition as they battle for the supremacy of music currency in a fairly large Grammy Award minded space. Here are five artistes to watch in 2016:

Shawn Mendes

As the artiste who leaves "Stitches", the 16 year old Vine star Shawn Mendes (like Justin Bieber) uses his voice to pour his heart out about the status of his relationships while wooing the ladies at the same time. It wouldn't be surprising if he picks up a few awards this year as a relatively new artist with current Billboard songs such as Stitches and I Knew What You Did Last Summer.

Zayn Malik

Zayn's first R&B solo single Pillow Talk had ears buzzing to his sex-soaked sound since late 2015. For many, he has a sound which can be likened to that of Chris Brown, a sound that the ladies can identify with as hitting the music sweet spot "in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day.” Alternative R&B has made a statement with this song which was a number one hit on the Billboard Charts just a few weeks ago.


The "Whip" and "Nae-Nae Dancer" whipped it by inventing himself and a dance move at the same time. Watch Me was one of the biggest hits of 2015, but can he keep people dancing to his sound waves this year and maybe even do another dance move? Let's watch and see.

Charlie Puth 

The man with the Nine Track Mind has tapped into collaborations with Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor and the unforgettable song See You Again that he did with Wiz Khalifa. He is so "track-minded" that he has made sure that we will “see him again” in 2016 with an even smoother, jazz-like sound. 

 Dej Loaf

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, new female rap artiste on the block Dej Loaf brings a sort of fresh approach to topics that females rap about such as being able to get the attention of guys. In the song Back Up featuring Big Sean, she raps on that this becomes annoying to the point that she has to tell them to "back up" off her. The term, "back up off me" has connotations regarding sexual activity, but is used by the artiste to symbolize her power to reject men who use annoying pickup lines such as “I can do you right, I'll do you better than your exes...” Like Iggy Azalea, she used wicked punch lines to send warnings to men that she is not a walkover and that women too should back up from the Lady Killa. 

These are just five artists to watch in 2016 among the crowd of those vying for the crown of  
Best New Artist or Best Breakout Star. Stay tuned because music speaks loud.

Written by Errol Blair


Twitter: @hautepeople
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