January in Review

Like everybody else I went hard in January on the Blog and in Life ( mainly on the Blog ) In the attempt to be more personable with the Blog for my readers , I launched #theglowupplan where I've decided to challenge myself for 365 Days to make my Blog a Global Brand.

So far so good! Who would have thought hauling a$$ would actually push me a few steps further towards accomplishing my dreams? Social Media has improved tremendously both with likes and posts and I received opportunities I never thought possible. As with any human being , there are days that are more difficult than others when I can't find the words of topics to write about or I'm simply uninspired. For those days I give myself internal speeches "you can't stay in bed all day" ," you have bills to pay " , " the world needs you " , "you are not a quitter" - The usual stuff and it actually works. You are your best motivator in life.

January was a great month for me to dip my toes in the water and make a complete assessment of my Brand and myself as a person. I admit to slacking off on YouTube but it will be my goal for February.

Take A ways
- Don't quit when things get tough or challenging
- Delegate Tasks
- Life is what you make it
- People are fickle
- If you want something bad enough and work hard towards that something
- Be ready when your success comes

I will be filming a YouTube Video on the breakdown of all I accomplished for January and the goals I set.

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