Finding your Wedding Style

“Not All Brides are created Equal”

To one Bride, a Dream Wedding is one that takes place in a grand Ballroom while for another it’s a simple Backyard Wedding with the closest friends and family. Planning a Wedding is all about telling “Your Story” and incorporating your personal style throughout aspects of the Wedding.

When you focus on the little things that show guests what are important to you, your wedding is guaranteed to be your very own wow.  In order to have a Wedding Style that is unique or special to you, you have to know your own personal style. If you are a free spirited, go with the flow type of person your style is more Bohemian and a Beach Wedding might suit you.  Once you have found your Wedding Style, the next thing you need to do is have that reflected throughout your décor.  There are 3 main Wedding Styles that you can draw inspiration from: Outdoors, Intimate and Extravagant.

Outdoor: Think about comfort! No guest wants to feel uncomfortable through a long Wedding ceremony.Think of including items like Tents, Decks and even hand-held Fans in your Budget just so your guest can breathe happy and are comfortable while you exchange vows with your partner.

Intimate Soiree: As it relates to intimacy in Weddings, it’s all about creating an ambience. This can easily be created with lighting at key moments throughout the wedding. During the ceremony, you could use brighter lights so the guests can see your faces clearly from a distance while at the Reception you can use softer and warmer lighting to set the mood.

Extravagant:  This is where you can get pull out all the stops! Crystal Chandeliers... Yes please! Push the blah aside and think of accent or focal pieces that will be conversation starters and will have your guests talking about your Wedding for yours to come. Apart from the décor, this Style of Wedding can be expressed in the Dress and Tuxedo, instead of a simple White Dress, how about one that has Diamonds and Lace throughout.

No two Weddings are ever alike and when you are in the planning process, you should be keen on incorporating your personal style throughout your Wedding.

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