5 Life Lessons from Toni Braxton

The premiere of "Unbreak My Heart” , the unofficial , official Toni Braxton movie on Lifetime had the Internet and Social Media buzzing. We were all suddenly intrigued and glued to our T.V screens to know what really happened to the Singer. Toni Braxton is a normal woman with an extraordinary talent or gift ( her voice ) which lead her to fame. The "come up " was instantaneous and it was like she was a star overnight. The movie touched on several topics we can relate to and is the inspiration behind today's post. Here are 5 Life Lessons from Toni Braxton.

Be Ready For Success 

Toni was just a young girl from a small town and extremely religious family. All she really had was her voice and supportive parents. When it came time for her to have her big break , she had to leave her family and life at home. Success will always come if you work hard enough ... so be ready.

Be Smart about your Money

It was hard to watch Toni go through all those Bankruptcies. In Business and Life , there will be a time when we have so much we have no idea what to do with it so we become wasteful. Always ensure you have a back-up plan , read contracts and never be foolish with your money.

People come ... and Go

We saw the power struggle between Toni and her Husband. One was a Struggling Musician and the other was a Diva. In Life , there are people who will be there for a Season and others for a Reason. The quicker you can make the distinction between the two , the quicker you will get to decide who stays and who goes.

Be Honest

When Toni was diagnosed with Lupus she hid it from the world and even her family! Sometimes in life we pretend as if all is well when its really not. If you are having a difficult time , don't pretend as if its golden ... seek help and live your truth.

Believe in your Passion 

After all the hooplah Toni stopped making Music for awhile. She had somehow lost her passion and drive to do what she loved. Never ever give up on anything that makes you happy in life! If you need to take a break .. take a break but always come back to it.

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