2016 Wedding Trends

2016 is the year of many amazing trends. So any bride who follow these trends will surely have one of most fabulous weddings to date.

1.    Florals: Floral appliques aren’t completely unfamiliar in the bridal industry but flowers that stand out are. These floral appliques bring the dress alive by adding a bit of texture and dimension to an already dynamic trend.

2.    Ball Gown: This look stole our hearts in 2015, but the A-lines and tulle styles are making their way into our hearts once again. Brides, picture yourself walking in a strapless sweetheart bodice with a flowing skirt. The great news about this trend is that it’s quite flattering on any bride’s figure.

3.    Daring Dresses: The illusion of the neckline and back details have been seen on many brides but designers have pushed it a little further. Lace appliques and stunning details cover everything that it should cover while the rest of the bodice remains sheer. This Hollywood trend is very gorgeous when done tastefully.

4.     The Keyhole Design: The keyhole back was seen throughout 2015, but 2016 is changing the keyhole game. The keyhole designs are now being featured at the front of dresses on a much smaller scale. With higher necklines and mesh fabrics this trend will be slaying 2016.

5.    The Old Fashion Invites: Invitations for the big day join in the rank for all things sparkly. This old fashion trend of stamped and foil-pressed lettering on silver, copper, and gold is making of a stunning invitation that any bride and her guest will remember.

6.    Personal Invites: In the era of technology, 2016 is calling for invitations with a personal touch.These invites are not only crafted by hand but they’re made to represent the couple.

7.    Traveling without Traveling:  With Brides incorporating elements from special places, couples are creating a new form of Destination Weddings. When you think decor, music, food with the Bali table decorations, this decor trend will have any brides' day represented with rich culture.

8.    Bright Lights: At Weddings its all about the lighting. In 2016 we will see more weddings having chandeliers to string and bulbs to brighten things a little. With this trend a bride make her wedding either modern or vintage.

9.    The Unconventional flowers: Cabbage and succulents are a blooming wedding trend that will have everyone in 2016 going crazy. Bouquets won’t be the only place unique arrangements can be found. Centerpieces will be seeing this movement as well. Potted trees, ferns, decorative leaves, and even herbs can be seen on tables in 2016. This trend is so unique,that not all the bouquets or centerpieces have to be alike, feel free to mix and match.

10.  Ombré petals: This romantic craze in 2016 will have any brides' big day looking outstanding. let your masterpiece do the talking by picking two to five different flowers of the shade.

11.  Seating Charts: Round tables and Place Cards are becoming a thing of the past. 2016 is shaking things up with tables of all shapes and sizes to make any brides' day unique, with long banquet tables to give a big family feeling. After all everyone at your wedding is kinda like family, right?

12.  His and hers specials: This trend was taking over 2015 and now its back to doing the same in 2016. From the his and hers cake all the way down to his and hers cocktails. This trend will surely have your guest talking.

13.  No longer Traditional: In 2016, you will find more brides moving away from the traditional wedding cakes and making their more modern with flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla and even Strawberry.

14.  Not so Mellow anymore: We saw this trend slowly taking over 2015 but in 2016 this trend just might be taking over. Gone are the days where the dj will be playing only the “old folks” hits at weddings. Now the djs are mixing it up and catering to all  the generations at the wedding.

15.  All about the Selfies: We saw this booming trend in 2015 and it's making it way back in 2016. Giving guests a fun way to capture their memories of your big day as well. The selfie booths incorporate fun props that will fit any theme and personalities.

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