Young Girl Wear Your Size : Tips for Dressing for your Body Type

Far too often I see women wearing clothing that is obviously not their size. There are time when I even wonder if they have a mirror or wonder how they an't tell they are wearing the wrong size! 2016 is the year when I want women to wear clothing that suits them. Today, I will be helping my wonderful ladies how to dress for the body they have.

Be Conscious of your Body: we've all seen those movies where a woman either has hopes of losing or gaining weight and wears the next size up or down. Ladies ! If you pick something to wear and it feels a bit tight or loose ... it's not your size. There is a big difference between fitted and tight. "Clothes that are tight an make you look bigger " - Clinton Kelly

Proportions matter: Apart from having the perfect fit ... another thing you need to pay attention is proportion. Remember the rule which dictates that you shouldn't show too much skin at once? It' s something like that. I'm 5 ft and a little over 100 pounds and If I was to put on a dress in my size with huge abstract prints , oversize bag and chunky jewelry ; not only would I look like I'm drowning , but I would look bigger. One rule of thumb is to wear one thing at a time if you are not sure.

Know Your Body Parts: Sooo .. this is in the line of  "being conscious of your body" but it's a bit more specific. Let's take for example a deep plunging dress; this would look totally different on somebody who has large breasts from a person who has small breasts. Sure with all the "additives" you can fake certain areas that are lacking , but be sure to consider the type of clothing you wear and if it fits your body part.

Age Appropriateness: There are some women who are either trying to re-live their youth or in some deep identity crisis. If you are over the age of 39 , have a number of kids and voted more than one decade ... your dress or skirt should not be over your knee! It doesn't matter how great you look and if you aged as gracefully as Christy Brinkley ... It's simply about self respect and also taking into consideration those around you. Don't get me wrong .. If you feel sexy one day and want to put on a nice dress or skirt that is a bit shorter than usual by all means go ahead. The issues arises when you do it daily until it becomes your style.

Ladies , I want to hear the things that work for your body type

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