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It's another wonderful day where I am and if you are not having a wonderful day #shakeitoff and think back to something that makes you happy. As you can tell by the topic above , we will be talking about Derma Rolling Today! This post is to inform you about this rather interesting way to get rid of Acne.

Derma Rolling has to do with using a small scary looking device that has tiny needles to roll sections of your face to remove various skin issues. I'm sure based on the picture below , you must be thinking 2 things : This is a scary looking device and it must hurt really badly. Read on for more info about this trend.

The process by which you apply the Derma Roller to the face is called Micro Needling. It is as the name suggests applying tiny needles to your face. It is believed that our skin is self healing and by applying the needles to the surface of acne , it will make a tiny incision ( you won't see it ) which will re-open the acne scar and it will begin to heal from inside out within a month or less! Imagine struggling with Acne all your life , then coming across this life altering process to basically renew skin.. I bet you would want to try it. The Derma Rollers come in a variety of sizes which is great for a variety of skin types , level of acne and user preference. The Rollers are sold in Kits or Singles Online and often come with Vitamin C ( for brightening the Skin and Renewal ) and even a numb cream.

This new way to get rid of acne is relatively inexpensive ( depending on the Brand you purchase ) and will definitely have far reaching effects on your skin. Now that you know about this process .. is this something you would try? Be sure to consult a dermatologist or skin professional before trying this trend.


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