Tips for stepping into the New Year like a Boss

The New Year is here! 2016 is in full swing . Before you get into making those new years resolutions and rushing to the gym, Let me introduce you to some Boss Moves you have to make this year.

Have a Plan: People make resolutions every year just "cause " and they only seem to last the first week. What if you had a clear outline , in black and white written down of exactly what you would like to accomplish for the year? These plans should not only be written down but also have a set guidelines from Point A - Point B. As a Blogger , my plans are a part of my Blog Business Plan.

Step In Faith: I know we all have our beliefs and I'm not one of those judgmental people who go around telling everybody else what is right and wrong. I personally believe that in order to survive in Business and Life.. you need Faith. Faith is evidence of things hoped for and things not seen. It's basically like you want a Cannon 70d Camera and you have no money to purchase it , but then you know in the back of your mind that it will work it self out.

Have some Funds: There are so many people my age who are on this day of January broke because they squandered their paycheck in December. Seriously though? Who does that? Dear people .. be smart and make the right choices. There is nothing wrong with buying nice things and going to fancy places but make sure you have enough to get by until you get paid in January.

Invest in Yourself: You have to ensure that you take great care of yourself so that you will be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Self investment could be going back to school to further your education , sending out resumes to land your dream job or even switching to a healthier Lifestyle. Remember , the way your treat yourself is a direct reflection of your self worth!

Make Boss Moves: Well , this goes without saying. If there was a position you've always wanted at work .. make that step and go for it! If you've always wanted to start your own Business or anything at all .. go for it! Boss moves involves taking a bold step and taking calculated risks to go after what you want.

How do you make Boss Moves?

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