The Guide to Defining YOUR Personal Style

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We are often influenced by what we see on T.V , Social Media and Magazines. With that being said , it is quite evident that women are not quite sure how to find their personal style. According to Personal Style can be defined as "A person's personal style is roughly equivalent to his or her fashion sense. Some people are highly conscious of their style, which may be detailed and planned out, including certain brands, patterns, and designers  ". I've teamed up with a few Boutique owners as it relates to finding YOUR personal style.

Add some Personality: Style has to do with the way you incorporate your personality into the way you dress. We are all different as individuals and that is the way you should create a style that is unique to you. If you are more into "Trends" , clothing that last for periods of time then your style will reflect that.

Give it a Name: Now that you kinda have an idea of what your style is .. give it a name! Your style might fall into categories like Classic , Timeless , Bohemian or even sexy. Think of your favorite celebrity or even Blogger and think of what their style is and give yours a similar name based on the category it falls in.

The Signature Piece: Every style has a signature piece! What is that you might ask? It is that one thing you wear with every outfit .. the thing that people use to identify you with. Think Anna Wintor and her Sunglasses or even her signature Bob , Sometimes the signature piece is not something that is tangible.

Your Strengths: What is the one thing or things people always compliment you on when you wear it? is it the Jeans you found at a Thrift Shop that is a particular fit or length? Maybe its a specific color. Jamaican Designer and Fashion Mogul Keneea Linton-George always wear Red and is somehow known for that color.

Include Everything Else: Apart from having amazing clothing and a killer style... you also have to think about everything else! You can't be well dressed and then have messy hair ( unless that's your thing ) or just everything else being awry. Try to build a complete package.


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