Introducing the "Glow Up Plan"

At some point in our lives we've fallen into a category or "status quo" as determined by society: The Jock , The Know it All , The Pretty Dunce , The D.U.F.F . For some those categories are just a mere phase and they might also hope the people who pre determined this category will hopefully stop placing that label on them. The Glow up happens when we step out of people's pre determined perception and start to truly live life like it's golden and not being afraid to stand in our truth.

The Glow Up starts on the inside and shows more profoundly on the outside. It might be new clothes , new curves or maybe the acne from high school cleared up. We here are Haute People will be embarking on a journey for 365 days which we've decided to call "The Glow Up Plan". We will be breaking barriers , travelling , meeting new people and in short just "doing the damn thing". For each week of the journey we will post short videos on our YouTube Channel "The Haute Lifestyle 101" just so we can all track the progress. The goal of the "Glow Up Plan" is to take Haute People global and to be a well recognized brand in the Digital Media space.

Be a part of the journey by following us on our social media links below and be sure to use #theglowupplan so we can see your very own progress. 2016 is the year for dreams to come true.

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