How to Make Friends ONLINE

Back in the day it was all about "How to Win Friends and Influence People". However , with the rise and tremendous growth of Social Media, one now has to know how to make friends Online in order to be successful in all aspects of life! Here are a few tips I came up with on how to make friends Online.

Know your purpose: What is the main reason you want to make friends with people online? Do you have a Business? Are you a Blogger? There has to be some reason or purpose you actively want to make friends with people online.

Add Only "Like" Minded People: Pun definitely intended #getit . Try to reach out to people who are in a similar Industry like yourself. In the beginning of my Blogging Career .. I was just adding random people to make up numbers. None of these people had an interest in Blogging and were not beneficial to me. I found that when I added people of similar interest we were able to engage in more meaningful conversation and we are able to trade ides and so on.

Don't be a Creeper : #lawdness! Guys , when you add people online do not and I repeat DO NOT STALK them! You can be supportive by liking their pictures and so on , but it gets really crazy when you like all their pictures and always seems to be Online and always show up in random places when they are Offline. Cue Psycho theme music here.

Be Interactive: Now, the kind of interaction I'm talking about is the normal one. Not like above; there is where you basically return the favor to whatever they do Online. If they like your pictures or leave do the same for them. If they message you every now and again do the same. When you do this you will find that you will not only make friends but form a small community.

What are some ways you make friends Online?

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