Health/Fitness Trends to try in 2016

As with any new year comes the "I need to go to the gym and quit after a week "resolution. 2016 is no exception , this year its all about Health Trends , if you are one of those band wagon types who like to jump on trends , you will love our Health/Fitness Trends for 2016.

Health Technology: We live in the Digital Age and of course there will be all kinds of fitness gadgets to keep us on our health game.  There are discrete devices that look like a bracelet that track your every movement including even sleep. If you are not 100% committed to this "Fitness Thing " then you can invest in one of these devices that will track your daily activity  heart rate , cholesterol and even stress.

CrossFit: This trend has not hit Jamaica just yet ( maybe it has ) but its more popular in North America. This involves strength and condition training .. basically all about using your brain to push yourself to the limit by using a series of  exercises or activities. If you are an adrenaline junkie .. you will love this.Visit the CrossFit website to learn more.

Instant Thigh Gap: This might not be a health thing but its a trend and yes its a thing. I saw it on E! and everything! The Thigh Gap was made popular by Beyonce ( real or Photoshop ) in 2015 where she basically had a shapely gap between her legs. This is for ladies who are looking to trim their legs in only a few minutes by using a special gel and wrap after which a Thigh Gap will magically appear :-) This is only a temporary fix.

HIIT : Highly Intensive Interval Training .. think back to the 90's when aerobics was all the rage. Imagine if Aerobics went on steroids and that is exactly what HIIT is ( see what I did there? ) It involves suicide drills , running stairs , power drills and so much more. This is definitively not for the faint of heart as all the exercises are intense.

Pole Workout: Now you too can have killer upper body strength and also learn a few new tricks. This type of workout became popular when one person realized that getting on a pole took a lot of work and upper body strength. The great thing about this workout is there is no set workout age limit.

Please consult a physician or fitness professional before you participate in any form of exercise. Remember exercise not only makes us look good on the outside .. it makes us feel great on the inside as well.

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