The Daily Commute : My "Go To" Laptop Bag from Swissgear

As an extremely busy Millennial always on the go, there are a few staple items I consider a must have for those hectic days. These items include my Car (obvie), Phones and of course my Laptop. My Laptop is my very own mobile office and I always need to ensure it's well protected (Laptops are not cheap and they are not light). There will be lots of back and forth travelling during this festive season and I wanted to ensure all my favorite staple items are within reach. I was recently able to update my Laptop "bag" to something more presentable and professional. Enter the Swissgear 1191 Delux LaptopBackpack.

SWISSGEAR 3265 Laptop Backpack (r) | Swissgear 1191 Delux Laptop Backpack  (l )
This bag might look like your regular run of the mill Backpack but it's so much more than that! The design of this versatile Backpack makes it not only portable but mobile. No No , the Bag cannot move by itself but it has mobile connectivity. This amazing Bag has: Padded Laptop Sleeves (which fits laptops up to 15”), Shoulder Strap System, Air Flow System, Water Bottle Pocket, Organizer Pocket and Audio Interface. Swissgear is the brand that is synonymous with quality knives which made me even want to get the backpack even more. I was most impressed with the placement of the water bottle pocket and the way the water did not seep through other compartments of my bag and totally soaked everything.

Swissgear 1191 Delux Laptop Backpack

Swissgear 1191 Delux Laptop Backpack

Swissgear 1191 Delux Laptop Backpack

Swissgear 1191 Delux Laptop Backpack
 My daily commute has me starting from home to the nearest Coffee Shop with High Speed Internet, Meetings or just checking out a few stores for inspiration. One major thing I like about this Backpack is how lightweight it is which makes walking around a breeze! Usually I would take my Handbag and a random "other" bag which is always cumbersome since they are both too much and the space at the Coffee Shop is small. 

My Swissgear Backpack allows me to take all my personal items and devices in one convenient place while keeping them protected. There is padding in all the compartments of the bag to ensure your valuables are kept well intact. I especially like that the bag is travel friendly which I was able to put to the test by taking a quick trip and it was not at all heavy or bulky. As a millennial on the go I am always looking for trendy yet functional items and I’m proud to say this Backpack is a nice combination of both.

I want to hear about your travel/commute stories .. what is your favorite travel backpack? Let's make this a thing by using #swissgear 

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  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    This is a super terrific bag. I love that all of your items will be protected and all the storage compartments. I'm sold!


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