5 Pinterest Beauty Hacks that Actually Work

Pinterest is the Social Platform where you see amazing pictures of inspiring things to create. If you are familiar with it, I am sure there are a few Beauty Tricks you see on almost every Board. Today, I break it all down for you to share what works and what does not.

Fuller Lips Hack: Pinterest says to get fuller Lips you need to ditch the needle and simply get a natural color Lip Liner like Brown (or one closer to your skin tone) or one the exact color of your lipstick and line outside of your Lip Shape. #Win

Mascara as Eyeliner: This is in one of the "5 minute Face" step and it sounds simple enough so I gave it a go! This one was of course a winner. 

Excuse my weirdness 
Sticky Bobby Pins: Where do Bobby Pins go when they can’t find their way home? On Pinterest of course! Have you ever done an updo or anything that required Bobby Pins only to have them slide out your hair? Oh No! After sitting for hours and bearing the pain of Bobby Pins digging into your skull to have them fall out?? Here’s what you do: Spay a generous amount of hairspray on the Pins on both sides and they will stick! This one worked like a charm.

Lip Stain: Lip Stains can get expensive and they are great because they are a cross between Lip Stick and Lip-gloss. Get your favorite Blush or Eye-shadow, scrape it off a little and apply to lips that have chap stick. This will give you a nice matter lip stain that you made yourself.

Winged Liner: Everybody and their grandma have been clamoring about the winged liner! I have to admit I still did not get the perfect winged eye even after a lot of YT Vids. I went on Pinterest and discovered this trick. All you do is draw two small lines just above the outer corner of your eyes, fill them in with your favorite eye pencil (Liquid or Crayon) then voila

What Pinterest Beauty Hacks have you tried?


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  1. I don't wear makeup, but I have tried that hairspray bobby pin trick and it works like a charm.

  2. Wow, I love the lips ones. I feel naked without something on my lips and I'd love to make them look fuller or to have a lip stain color.

  3. These are good to know! I hardly ever wear makeup.

  4. I am totally going to try that bobby pin trick! My daughters hair is so fine, bobby pins always fall out!

  5. I don't wear much makeup either, but need some tips when I want to get out and dressed up

  6. Okay, I need to figure out how this mascara as eyeliner thing works. How do you put it on?

    I have the thickest hair ever, I am going to try the bobby pin trick. They never stay in my hair.

  7. I don't even mess with Pinterest any more. Everything I've tried always come out looking so much different than what I've seen.

  8. These are awesome hacks! I need to test that bobby pin one out. That's so clever.

  9. These are all great hacks! Leave it to pinterest to have such creative ideas. I love the fuller lip trick.

  10. Those are great. I'd love to try the lip stain beauty hack!

  11. Totally trying the lip stain trick! great idea

  12. The hair spray bobby pin trick sounds interesting. Heading to check it out.


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