10 Ways to Help a Friend through Breast Cancer

We are still in October which is deemed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time when there is increase awareness of the disease, offer information and support to those affected by the disease and raise funds towards treatment and cure. Statistics show that the Disease affects African American women more than it does any other race in the world. This could be any female. Imagine, someone close to you getting the disease and it turns theirs both your worlds upside down.  Here are 10 things you can do to help them through.

Just be there: Don’t be weird or selfish and stay away from the person. This is when they will need you the most.
Help with Chores: Depending on the treatment they are undergoing, they will be weak and not have the stamina to do certain things.  You can help by cleaning their house and doing the dishes.
Keep inviting them Out: Just because they have Cancer doesn’t mean they are hermits.
Prepare Healthy Meals: Most patients with Cancer have reported a weird taste in foods and prefer Organic options. You can prepare this yourself or purchase from a restaurant that offers those options.
Don’t compare cases: Remember we are all different and so will be each case. 
Ask Questions:  If there is something you are not clear on and want to know, don’t be afraid to ask.

Learn to Listen: This is different from “being there”. Take the time to develop active listening skills so you can empathize with what the person is feeling.
     Help them to Find Insurance: This is just in case the worst happens. You want to ensure if anything happens all the bills and outstanding debt is covered as well as the Family. A cancer insurance policy can be used not only for treatment expenses not covered by major medical insurance, but also for extra child care that may be needed, transportation to and from the doctor or treatments, and even everyday living expenses, such as mortgage payments or groceries.

o    If you or a family member does end up being diagnosed with breast cancer, or any cancer, you want to be able to focus on recovery not finances, and a cancer insurance policy can help you do just that.
o    Plus, with Aflac’s recently introduced One Day PaySM initiative, which allows Aflac to process, approve and pay eligible claims in just a day, you can have the cash you need in hand faster than ever before
Go with them to Treatment:  Your support will be greatly appreciated.
Little Surprises:  This could be as small as a card.
Ask what they need: With the extensive list above, be sure to actually ask what they need.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aflac will be partnering with the American Association forCancer Research (AACR) again for its second annual “This Duck Wears Pink” campaign.
Aflac is selling a variety of campaign-related merchandise including the plush duck, hats and a breast cancer ribbon pin, with all the net proceeds going to the AACR for the specific purpose of funding research aimed at finding a cure for breast cancer. You can donate and shop for merchandise here.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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