Whats in my Cosmetics Bag + U By Kotex Samples

Ladies! There are a few things we never leave the house without like our favorite lipstick , lotion , perfume and our "girly" essentials just to make life a bit more ... comfortable. If you are like me then you probably have a cute small pouch that fits into your handbag. Today, I will be sharing my essentials that I always have in my Cosmetics Bag to keep me at my best throughout the day!

1. Maybelline Baby Lips: This is one of their tinted shades in Pink Shock! I like it because it is moisturizing and leaves the lips smooth and supple and has just a hint of color.

2. Nivea Creme: Let me preface by saying I found this in the "gotcha" section of a store right at the checkout where they put some of the most random things that you can't do without. This is a great hand moisturizer if your hands are dry and it has a really nice whipped texture! This is definitely a Summer Essential item for me.

3. I-Smolder: This is a dual end product with a precision eyeliner and eye-shadow ..in pencil form! This Product is a life saver if you have a busy day and want to keep your Make-up fresh. I like this because its 2 products in one and doesn't take up a lot of space.

4. Maybelline Powder/Mirror: I've had this for awhile and it came out for Summer because it's powder and can easily tame the shine! This is also great because it has a mirror so you can keep track of how you look throughout the day and make sure everything is on point.

5. U By Kotex Lightdays Liner:  I always carry my feminine products in my Bag just so there are no mishaps.  The U By Kotex Panty liners are liners are thin , comfortable and breathable. I'm actually in the PMS zone and I want to ensure that if Aunt Flo shows up while I'm on the road I'm covered and there are no .. accidents!

As a woman one of the most uncomfortable and awkward times of my life is when I have my period! You know that time when you are angry, hungry and irritated all in one for no reason other than you are a woman. The last thing I want is to feel wet and icky and have pads or liners that makes things even worst! U by Kotex Liners keeps me confident with thin absorbent liners that are ridiculously comfortable! This makes me feel like I'm not even wearing Liners which is a big plus during this uncomfortable time.

Favorite Undies during my "Lady Time"
It is not uncommon to reach for the granny panties during this time but with U by Kotex Liners I get to wear my favorite lacy panties with the Skulls! #bad@ss ! I still get to feel ultra sexy under the circumstances and is ready to take on any challenge. There is no need to wear uncomfortable liners stand in the way of that that undie feeling!

If you would like to have the U by Kotex experience for yourself , all you have to do is visit bringbackcomfy.com where you can win amazing prizes , including becoming the next U by Kotex Star! Please create your own uncomfy picture or gif to share!

I'm most uncomfortable when ... Liners feel like "Liners"... eek  

In addition to amazing Prizes please CLICK HERE to request FREE Samples of U by Kotex to try for yourself! Sample Pack Include:

- 2 U by Kotex Curves Liners
- 2 U by Kotex Lightdays Liners

Show the world how you feel about uncomfortable liners! 


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  1. Those are great items. Many of them are products and brands I use myself.

  2. My girls live baby lips as well! I myself have a strange addiction to blistek!!

  3. Many of these products are already in my bathroom now! Great trusted items :)

  4. A girl should always have some Kotex in her purse!

  5. Great products! I have a bunch already, but I need to pick up some nevia cream! - jeanine

  6. A girl should always have some Kotex with her!

  7. I have used Kotex for years. I have always been happy with them.

  8. I love the liners. Thanks for the free sample alert!

  9. You had me at FREE! lol Kotex is always a great product.

  10. Comfort is definitely key when it comes to liners. Mobility is the whole point!

  11. Gotta love a free sample! Those panties are super cute too!

  12. I love free samples. I'm on it, thanks for the heads up.

  13. I love Kotex and I've been using this for years. Signing up for a free sample.

  14. Great products. Nice they let you sample.

  15. Loved your post! I'd appreciate you checking mine out as well :)


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