Miss Jamaica World 2015 Commentary

It is that time of the year when we watch young women sing, dance and parade on stage for the chance to be named "Miss Jamaica World" and win numerous prizes. This year , the winner was Medical Doctor Saneeta Myrie , who I feel was a great choice. ( please comment below your opinions without being disrespectful ) . If you have been an avid reader of the Blog , you know we go in and grade the overall Pageant.

Production: 3/10 Poor , Poor , Poor! It's like the same old thing every year. I understand we might not have the resources or funding to put on a grandeur event .. but! Imagination and Vision are FREE! It's like somebody "fling up" a stage , some lights , added chairs then called it a day! For a yearly Pageant of this magnitude , so much more thought could have gone into the overall production. Let's not forget about the Mic "chipping" in and out as each contestant spoke. Was there not an engineer or sound person who could have ran in with a better Mic?? Once again , the hosts were oddly paired. You need people with pizzazz who have a natural way to keep the audience entertained and the girls calm and in high spirits throughout the show.

Performances: 2/10 Up to this moment I cannot re-call who the performances were ... all I know is that they were boring and that segment went on waaay longer than it should. The girls are young and attract a young audience so why not get young people ( we know ) and can relate to?

Contestants: 7/10 Well , Social Media has been buzzing up until grand coronation so I guess they liked the selection this year. It was clear that hard work and lots of time were spent at the Gym as almost all the Contestants were fit and toned and well ready to compete.  I didn't feel any of the dresses stood out and the overall styling was a bit off.  I'm thinking maybe the Designers were contacted late and just answered the call with what they had but it could have been better. Too many crushed Dresses on stage and not enough they fit body type , skin tone and personality.

As it relates to pageants , we have a really long way to go , but there is little improvement each year ( very little ) and with an improved production and funding , we will get it right one of these days


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