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For the first time ever I was able to try out a subscription service! I'm so glad the first one was Food related:-) Naturebox is a monthly subscription service that promotes healthy snacking for only $19.95 per month. each month you get to choose 5 healthy snacks & even the option to be surprised with the 5th Snack by having the company choose for you. I received the sample box that had 4 mini snack items & 1 Full Size item.

Dark Chocolate Nom Noms- Fullsize

This is Dark Chocolate with rolled oats which is only a 100 calories with a serving size of 1 piece and each packet contains 5 pieces. I like Oats but i'm not a fan of Dark Chocolate but i like the taste combination. f it was milk chocolate it would have tasted a lot better (in my opinion ) but I guess the dark chocolate works better with the texture of the Oats. 4/5

Cranberry Medley

Not a fan of Cranberry at all .. but! It also had pomegranate which is much sweeter so it was reallly reallly sweet! The texture reminded me of Gummy Bears and so did the smell. It's a great snack if you like Cran-Raisons because that's what it remind me of. 3/5

Masa Crisps

Of all the Snacks , these were my favorite. They are Corn Chips with Flaxseeds. They remind me of Fritos in terms of the taste and I didn't even taste the flax seeds ( maybe it's because I have no idea how they taste ) 5/5

Jalapeno Cashews

Cashews are expensive and I'm glad I was able to get these! They smell like a Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza with all the toppings! I liked the flavor .. but not the Jalapeno , I'm not a fan of spicy snacks but if like like things a bit spicy , it would be perfect. 3/5

Sweet Blueberry Almonds

These were my 2nd favorite! I prefer Almonds over peanuts and I thought these were the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The Blueberry wasn't over powering and they lightly coated the Almonds with a little bit of powder sugar.  5/5

I plan on continuing with the subscription every other month since I can cancel my subscription at any time as I would like to try other subscription programs.


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  1. those blueberry almonds though...gimme some nuh Raine!


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