How to deal with F.O.M.O : Fear of Missing Out

Hi Guysss! We've made it to yet another Friday. The tone of the Blog for this week was more of a pause from Fashion & Beauty to look a life issues. This post was inspired by Missglamorazzi or Ingrid Nilsen on Youtube.

We are all Humans and fear one thing or the other , for me it is and will always be Lizards. Yes , yes I live in the Tropics and should be used to them by now , but when I see that tiny creature I legit see a Dinosaur and its going to get stuck on my skin and suck the life out! Eeek! For others Its F.O.M.O ( Fear of Missing Out ) I seriously thought this stopped at High School or University but alas we are human and people are having F.O.M.O . Here are some ways to get over F.O.M.O.

Know yourself: This is a simple yet profound statement; there are so many people who have no idea who they are ,even as Adults! Sounds crazy but it's true, I figured if you knew who you are at your core , there would be no fear of missing out.

Do the damn thing: If you feel you are missing out on something that might be as simple as a popular party or life changing as going to College/University ... then do it! What are you waiting for? Time? Money? All it takes is a small step and a dedicated routine and before you know it you did that thing you were missing out on.

Get Over yourself : Ummm , just stop being a pain and complaining about missing out and literally get over yourself! Ever heard the statement "Mind over matter"? It's all in your mind that you are missing out on something which goes back to point #1. How do you know the thing you fear missing out on is for you?

Do you have F.O.M.O?


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  1. My kids have this BAD. And they really don't miss out on anything exciting.

  2. Really great tips to help deal with the fear of missing out. I used to be one of those people who wished to do more and I'm now a proud doer instead. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wrote about this a while ago because it is really an issue. I think social media has definitely added to people feeling they're missing out.

  4. I dont have FOMO but I do think my kids do from time to time. I'm pretty sure it's common with them, but as adults?? I'm not so sure! - Jeanine

  5. Perhaps I am just a "grab the bull by the horns" kinda girl.. I see what I want and I just grab it.
    I missed out a lot when I was growing up and that's never happening again.

  6. Great advice. I am learning to be happy with me and to just learn to do things instead on making excuses.

  7. I like this attitude! Just get up and take the steps to get what you want. Yay!

  8. Great advice! I never let the small stuff bother me and I don't make excuses, I just do it like Nike said.

  9. I love that there is a term for this! I'm not someone that suffers from FOMO...I couldn't care less what someone else is up to. lol But, I have several friends who suffer from this!

  10. In this day and age of social media, Photoshop and insta-stalking it seems like everyone is always doing awesome things, eating awesome food and hanging out with awesome people. Its hard not to feel like you're missing out all the time! Its hard to remember that those channels only feature people's "highlight reel" so to speak.

  11. I think t's a good list. The last one is the favorite. Stop complaining and make it happen? Yep, that's a great concept. :)

  12. That is funny! This is why I was never able to take naps during the day like some people. I was always afraid I was going to miss something!

  13. I was like that "can't miss out"/ Now I just do my thing and do what I want when I can

  14. I feel like this is the new normal - we are all on social media and what to know EVERYTHING right NOW!

  15. LOL I am more afraid of lizards than dinos lol...trying to catch up on all your posts.

    1. Lol .. glad I'm not the only one .. something about them just makes my blood run cold


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