Design & Desire: Getting to know Geisy Powell Romay

Hi all! I know that you are expecting an exciting post on jewelry but my creative juices flowed in another direction. Heating up the hearts of men and sometimes metals, is all in a days work for Geisy (pronounced hazy) Powell Romay.  

Q. Where were you born Geisy?
A. In Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Q. Geisy tell me about your childhood and your dreams.
A. My childhood was rough, I didn't have a childhood. My dream is to finish my house in Mexico and open a dog grooming salon.

Q. Why did you become a jeweller?
A.Because I like to work with metals, create designs, repair things. I love to make my clients smile.

Q. Where have you worked?
A. I have worked in time share, boutiques, restaurants and Diamonds International.

Q. What kind of metals do you prefer working with?
A. I prefer working with 14 karat yellow and white gold because platinum is difficult to work with.

Q. Can I see some of your designs?
A. I have my designs exhibited in Cozumel at the Diamonds International Forum Shops.

Q. Now you are working at Diamonds International Jamaica. Tell me about your Jamaican experience so far.
A. Jamaica is incredible! I love the Jamaican culture, its food, the people love to party and are friendly. My boss is a nice person and my coworkers are efficient and hardworking, it is a good team.

Q. Is it possible for you to open a workshop on the island?
A. In my case, no. I develop better while working under pressure. Opening a workshop takes alot of money and time, therefore that is not for me.

Q. What is in the future for Geisy the jeweller?
A. Continue working and helping Diamonds International for as long as they allow me to.


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