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Each year, Harlem's historic Alhambra Ballroom celebrates the start of the wedding season with a showcase of culinary delights in the opulence of their Grand Ballroom. Beneath the draped chandeliers, local wedding vendors joined in to display their specialties in bridal services for budding couples. For this years event the Alhambra welcomed a refreshing, new approach to their presentation lineup by showcasing ethnic bridal gowns created by TeKay Designs "Queen of the Brides" gown collection. The Queen of the Brides is a prestigious and award winning luxury brand with design and production in Houston Texas and Ghana, Africa. The Fashion Designer, Ms. Kimma Wreh is internationally recognized for her ethnic inspired, and Afrique-Chic fashion creations.


" Queen of the Brides introduces a re-imagination of the conventional wedding. When we saw photos of these dresses on the Internet we knew the Queen of the Brides gowns would be a great fit for our bridal showcase." explains Alhambra's CEO Tracey Dechabert. Harlem is a place of history, ethnic diversity and there exist a cultural pride about African aesthetic. Harlem's brides need to see that there is a cultural alternative to contemporary bridal fashions. The gown, just like cuisine can set a tone to your wedding day that intuitively shares your families heritage. The fusion between cultural fashions and cultural foods can be an experience that resonates throughout generations. " Says Dechabert. 


Queen of the Brides offers formal gown creations that includes quality pieces of jewelry that reference a historical time period. The collection exemplifies diverse cultures, as each gown represents a woman of royalty who has left an indelible mark on humanity. The collection includes gowns named after Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra Selene II, Queen Ankhesenamun of Egypt, Mumtaz Mahal - Mughal Queen of India, Queen Manta Tisi of South Africa, Queen Padmini of India, Queen Amina of Zaria Nigeria, Queen Nzingha Amazon of Matamba West Africa, Empress Candace of Ethiopia, Queen Consort Margherita of Italy, etc. The menswear line is culturally inspired  with aesthetic themes that ranges from historic to contemporary design.

"We are really honored to have been asked to present Queen of the Brides to the Harlem community. New York is a melting pot of ethnic cultures and that's what makes this city an ideal place to present gowns that represent queens from varied cultures. Now, anyone can express their heritage and be a royal bride." Explains Fashion Designer, Kimma Wreh.

The bridal showcase was interactive, entertaining and offered a variety of food dishes for sampling. The fusion between fashion, food and music stimulated every sense to create an experience that offers couples unique cultural ideas for creating their special wedding day. Dechabert states, "
Harlem is also growing more culturally diverse and we wish for this bridal showcase to be all-inclusive with vibrant cultures.  At the Alhambra, we take pride in delivering on request for many types of international cuisine from our ethnically diverse clients."

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Launched in 2012, Queen of the Brides is a wholly owned subsidiary of TeKay Designs Inc. The Queen Of The Brides collection includes couture bridal and formal gowns accessorized with quality pieces of jewelry. The gowns and dresses we offer represent queens from various countries around the world where people held their royalty in high regard. We custom make accessories, statement necklaces and bracelets for themed weddings or occasions.  Queen Of The Brides provides upscale designs for weddings, prom, pageant, evening, red carpet, galas and special occasions.

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Willie Mae Scott-Daney is the current CEO of the Alhambra Ballroom, Inc. located in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, NY. The Alhambra originally opened in 1926 and played host to legendary performers such as Bessie Smith, Jelly Roll Morton, Frank Manning and singing waitress, Billie Holiday. But with all good things, it came to an end. But now it’s back! The ballroom fell into disrepair in the 1960s, but, was reopened in 2003 as the “Alhambra Ballroom, Inc.” which hosts weddings, parties and other social events. The Alhambra Ballroom is proud to present its two extravagant ballrooms. The Alhambra Grand Ballroom” can accommodate up to 400 guests and “The Alhambra Crystal Ballroom” can accommodate up to 125 guests. No expense has been spared in the grand reconstruction of the Alhambra. For many years, the Alhambra Ballroom has provided quality service for all types of private events and weddings.

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Contact Names: Tracey Dechabert and Dianne Henderson

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