Behind the Seams : The Rush

This Jamaican Hip Hop Artiste describes his unique sound as "poetic" and cites a few of his inspirations as  Asaf Borger , King Biggs, The Therapist, Miguel James as well as Female Rappers Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj just to name a few. His will be making his 2nd performance at the Hip Hop Show case Pay Attention. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with The Rush.

H.P: How long have you been in the "Hip Hop" game?
T.R: The Rush honestly hasn't been "in the Game", I feel that statement implies that he has made major contributions to the #FirstCoast Movement but he's been a minor player really. PayAttention is looking to change that and i'm thankful for the exposure. The Rush has been with DAT GVNG (Sons of Liberty) for over 10 years, the Team as a whole has done Great things and will continue that forward motion.

H.P: What song/s do people most know you for?
T.R: Well People Like Countdown . . . . Its pretty dope so, meh. . . listen to it yourself (i mean literally u might explode, like, careful, keep a doctor on speed dial maybe?)

H.P:. How would you describe your sound?
T.R: Lol "my sound? . . . a sound?". . . . lemmie wax poetic . . There is no one sound or style of speech I speak,many tongues one voice is weak. Basically whatever I feel is cool I run with. I'm known to come up with strange ideas. Some things i'm not sure people are ready to accept but in time maybe. Till then I keep em locked in Skybox.

H.P: Who are some of your Music Inspirations?
T.R: Asaf Borger is Kool he used to be a drummer in an Israeli Rock Band but now he's a Rapper and an EDM DJ. He stands out  cuz he does what he loves and he appreciates all kinds of music as do I. Nobody really knows who that is tho soo i could go Cliche n say Hov or Rakim or Naz but honestly Music as a whole inspires me doesn't matter what the Genre is or who the artist is, I honestly could care less who the artist is, If i hear a track and it blows me away i'm sold Classical, Hip Hop, DnB, Metal w/e

King Biggs is Dope he's the trifecta really, Beats - Raps - Production he's got it all. Whats not to like.

The Therapist is Kool too I've run with him for a while so I was able watch him develop as an artist. I like that he isn't afraid to approach some topics.

Miguel James just makes me wanna be a better Rapper yo, every time.

5Star cuz i cant DJ for shit, as the only non-rap artist in Sons of Liberty he reminds me to stick to what i'm good at. 

Nicki Minaj - Cuz . .. or maybe Iggy. . . its just tooo real yo, too real im saying like i probably wouldn't hit it but as a Trophy wife? yo i'm hip. They Got Bars tho, BAAAAARRRSSS.

H.P: What inspires you on a daily basis?
T.R: Food . . . .. Food inspires me all the time. lol I wanna elaborate on that so badly but I'm gonna assume you mean what inspires me generally in life. 
I'm gonna go with the future for 500 lol. . . . Seriously though i have lofty goals you know the cliche kind, ballin, tossin stacks at dem Gurls, prada, bentleys, putting mom in the hills somewhere with some old guy named alfred or Jarvis. . . Just normal people dreams that keep me up at night. 

The views and opinions expressed below are the those of "The Rush" "" and do not necessarily reflect  the official policy or position of  Ishmael Pryce, The Sons of Liberty Music group or any of its other affilliates.

The show will begin at 10:30 P.M. Gates open at 9:00 P.M. Pre-Sold Tickets are $600 | $1,000 at the gate. Ladies are 2 for 1 before show time.
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