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The Jamaican Hip Hop Industry is fast becoming popular in the Jamaican Music Industry. Talented young men and women has found a way to come together to share their unique rapping skills at an Event called Pay Attention. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" the one of the acts for the upcoming show on June 6,2015 : Reazonz.

H.P: ReaZonZ ... that's an interesting name .. is there a story behind the name?

Reazonz: Yea there are a few "ReaZonZ" , as you know as a Jamaican, the talent to rap isn't readily accepted and growing up I was always asked why I make Hip-Hop instead of Dancehall and my response was always "I have my reasons" till my friend said he would love to hear these reasons....I then replied "Listen to the music". I have never been shy to put my honest life experiences in my lyrics and I feel my music explains me. ReaZonZ also comes from the Jamaican term "reasoning" as I feel I want to talk to my listeners more than rap to them.

H.P: How would you describe your Sound?
Reazonz: My sound is more of the witty lyrical metaphors and puns. I don't limit myself in terms of the actual music that I would rap on but I try to stay very consistent with punchlines that make you laugh or ones that make you think.

H.P: When did you get into Hip Hip?
Reazonz: I got into Hip-Hop because of my older brothers, they used to write rap songs and I would always try to come up with my own verse. I was never as good as them, then I found out they were just writing either DMX or Biggie lyrics but because of my age I wasn't allowed to listen to those songs just yet. I have been writing and trying to perfect my craft ever since.

H.P: Who are some of your Musical Inspirations?
Reazonz: Musical Inspirations are Nas, Biggie, Bob Marley and honestly any artist that shows dedication and focus towards the music as well as their contribution towards it's growth.

H.P: Where can we find your music?
Reazonz: Currently I only have a Youtube Channel. Plans are being made to expand to more online streaming as well as iTunes however currently I believe that the music should be free.

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