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Hi Guys! If you might have realized , the posts have been kind of all over the place of lately. For this month I've decided to write what I feel. Don't worry , we will be back on schedule next month :-) For most of you in University/College the semester has come to an end and you are probably in Zombie mode just walking around wondering what to do or preparing for exams. I've come up with a few things to do while you are in this mode.


Volunteering at 'The Collection Moda 2014 " Met Project Runway Alumn "Korto Momolu" & many other great people
I know here in Jamaica that is not something people jump to do just because of the state of the economy and also the mindset of our people. Most people always complain that the jobs they see require having experience ( which they don't have because they spend 4 years in school ) . If you don't have links , forget about getting that dream-job right after University/College. Let's say you are a Communications Major with an emphasis in P.R .. why not VOLUNTEER at a local P.R company or even shadow a popular P.R Executive? Use your wit to negotiate a stipend for Travel and Lunch. I have volunteered many times at so many companies and still do. What did I get? .. Experience and lots of it and also new connections.


Easier said than done right? Think about it ... There are more Graduates than Jobs in this Country. If you have an idea you think is unique and sustainable .. draft up a Business Plan and get cracking. Money will not fall out the Sky so you might need Investors , the first place you can look is Family and Friends. It won't be easy .. but with haaaaaaaard work , it will pay off! Remember people Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook when he "dropped" out of University. There is hope!


If you can afford it .. just Travel. Whether its to a new part of your own country or somewhere far away.  Not to bash any one person , but I've realized that some of the most small minded , one dimensional thinkers are the ones who's never left their countries ( This Small Island to be specific ) Their thoughts are so small that they don't think there are other ways of doing things. If you can afford it , travelling can be a wonderful way to learn about new Cultures and even discover yourself.


There is a reason I put this last because getting a job in this economy is like finding a needle in a hay stack! It is hard and you will get discouraged so many times. My tip is to start sending out Resumes early ... don't wait until your final exam to be rushing to send Resumes. Have a goal of how many you want to send each day or week and also the Industries.

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About me: I attended the University of the West Indies Mona ( Jamaica ) My Major was Language Communication & Society. I finished in 2011 ( 4 years ago ) My hangout spot between classes was Sovereign!  ( Good Times )

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  1. Great list. This day in age jobs are hard to come by so for me I would try to look for a job afterwards. Although travel is very tempting!

  2. Good luck on your job search. things are a lot different than when I graduated. Good think you have the blog to get some experience.

  3. These are great suggestions! It's great to be able to travel before starting a job.

  4. I got a job after graduating. I wish I could have traveled

  5. Great list. I went and got a job, and then created my own (which is what I'm doing now)

  6. Traveling is something everyone should try after university. It's a whole different kind of learning experience!

  7. I like the idea of traveling. It can be so hard to travel once you have kids, so why not do it while you are young?

  8. I think everyone who can travel, should. It's a great way to learn things you couldn't learn in a classroom.

  9. These are all great suggestions to keep yourself active and engaged while you are in a holding pattern! I love the idea of many new experiences to be had all while Paying It Forward!

  10. I love all these ideas of what to do after school. Such great and important parts of any healthy life.

  11. Good luck with the job search. I returned to college as an adult and finally realized my passions must be pursued in my mid 20s.

  12. I agree on volunteering. It gives you experience and could potentially lead to a job offer or great referral.

  13. The best time to travel is after graduation! I wish I had taken more of a break. I jumped right into grad school!

  14. Love these tips Rane! I'm so happy that you are already getting prepared for life after college! With your hard work ethic, I know you will be successful! :)

    1. I left 4 years ago . I did all the things above and is able to create a creative career for myself. Thanks for the comment

  15. Wishing you luck. Stay positive and enjoy.

  16. This is a very good list of things to do after college. I love volunteering, I have been a volunteer in some capacity for most of my adult life.

  17. Good luck! I think everyone should travel in their life- it opens our eyes to people, cultures, and ways of life.

  18. Thank you all for the kind words but i completed University 4 Years Ago :-)


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