How to De-Stress

Most people tend to use the word "stress" when things become too much of a challenge and we feel like we just can't take it. Newsflash! That's not stress , that's you giving up when things are just getting good :-)

Get rid of the Stressor : This is an agent or stimulus that causes the Stress. Easier said than done right? Maybe its a job , your environment , finances , relationships .. try to get rid of it and things will fall into place. If you can't get rid of it completely , try to do something to minimize it. TIP : DON'T WORRY ABOUT THINGS YOU CAN'T CONTROL.

Treat Yourself : No matter how small or expensive it is, when you truly think about it you are saving your own life. If you are into well groomed nails, treat your self to that each month. Dear ladies ! Stop buying things you know you can't afford , this will cause more stress.

Dis-Connect: Whether it's from people or devices. I've now discovered the Airplane setting on my phone (late bad ) and it's enabled at 9 p.m each night so there is no need to rush to check E-mails or write Articles etc.

Connect with Friends : Being around positive people can make all the difference. There are some people who deal with stress differently and prefer to be alone with their own thoughts and problems ... but that is a recipe for disaster. If you are not the sociable type , just take a drive or walk.

Take a Break : We're all familiar with the expression " take a break from life" ... this is actually possible. It's called a Vacation or Staycation ( I live where you Vacation )  People like to allow Vacation Days to accumulate then complain everyday how miserable and unhappy they are. The days are there to be taken .. so take them! You will feel sooo much better afterwards

If you found these tips helpful , comment below to let me know how you De-Stress

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  1. Taking a break usually helps me. Even if it is just to walk away for 5 minutes.

  2. These are great tips! Get rid of the!!!! Like you said, it's easier said than done but taking care of yourself is imperative to being the best version of yourself!

  3. Great ideas. I play with my dog to destress.

  4. sounds like great options for relieving stress. I've always wanted to go to a spa.

  5. Stress is part of life, people need to understand how to work with it not against it.

  6. Treating myself and being with friends is exactly what I need to relieve that stress

  7. Thank you so much for the reminder. I am taking tomorrow off to get some great rest and relaxation, I long overdue for a massage.

  8. I recently got rid of a major stress in my life (I quit my job) and I am now stressed about money lol. I know this was a great move and I need to just go with it.

  9. Definitely taking a break from everyday life. Great suggestions.

  10. Connecting with friends is a big one for me. Thanks for these awesome suggestions.

  11. ALmost every day I speak with friends who are stressed, aggravated and overwhelmed. I will share your post iwht them to see if it helps them to destress and feel better.

  12. I'm trying to destress with foot soaps and scrubs! It definitely helps!


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