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April is deemed as Autism Awareness Month and all across the globe people are encouraged to "Light it up Blue" , as this is the colour associated with this disorder. The owners/operators of Zing Flash Films are now in Jamaica and was able to do an exclusive interview with Haute People.

H.P: Tell us about Zing Flash Films? 
Z.F: Zing Flash Films LLC is owned and operated by Dwayne Morgan, Naseive Smith and Romaine Munroe. We are a multimedia company that covers a broad aspect of entertainment in the dance-hall reggae industry. Although we specialize in making music videos and short films, we also produce the popular web series talk show DMR (Dancehall Music Review) hosted by Cv (Romaine Munroe) & Foxx (Naseive Smith). Under our company umbrella we have our record label LNJ R&R records; in 2014 we produced and distributed the Special Guest Riddim featuring popular artistes such Demarco and Stein along with our own stable of artistes Fusbaan LNJ, Cv LNJ and Cement Kidd. We also do artiste promotion and host events. DMR Orange Carpet Affair, we host events in similar fashion to Hollywood red carpet affair events where we interview guests, asking them what brand they are wearing and allowing them to express themselves. 

H.P: Is there a story behind the name? 
Z.F:  Romaine Munroe came up with the name Zing Flash Films. As an artiste you are at the mercy of lazy editors; some of which take months to edit a three minute long video. After being disappointed time and time again Romaine Munroe (CV LNJ) decided to take matters into his own hands and form his own film company, one in which could provide quality videos within a reasonable time frame; hence the name Zing Flash Films... amaZING video In a FLASH. 

H.P: How did you get involved in Autism Awareness?
Z.F: Naseive Smith while furthering his education as a Social Worker, at the end of his first year of grad-school decided that he wanted to do a short film about a child with autism and how it affects the entire family. At the same time Romaine Munroe was in the process of starting his film company. Naseive Smith asked Romaine to help him with the project. Romaine who has two children affected by autism jumped to the occasion and so the first short film tiled "Rogger" was made. The university was impressed, Nasieve received a perfect grade on the project and an Award for making that film. The following year 2014, Zing Flash Films LLC once again rose to the occasion to do a second short film, a follow up to the original titled "Rogger Part 2 - A Child With Autism". Everyone who saw the film was touched. While on business in Jamaica late 2014 Dwayne Morgan was introduced to the Maia Chung Autism & Disabilities Foundation. As the business relations manager of Zing Flash Films Dwayne reached out to Maia Chung made the connection which lead us on this journey.       

H.P: What keeps you motivated to maintain a business yet be actively involved in the Autism Community? 
Z.F:  For the Zing Flash Films team this is a mission, and once we make a commitment we intend on following through all the way. Knowing that there are people who need the help that the Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation is providing and have been providing is more than enough to keep us going.

H.P: Tell us about your trip to Jamaica ? 
Z.F:  After coming from a promotional tour in the UK earlier this year, we had plans to keep a major event in Jamaica at Turtle River Park, DMR Summa JAM, however after speaking more with Maia Chung, it really broke our hearts that the strain on the economy made for less donations coming in which was already minimal. We decided we would organize a charity dinner to generate donations and awareness of Autism in Jamaica. The Event Dining To Done For AutismSunday April 26, 2015. Proceeds from this event will go to The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation and to the organizing of future charity events in spreading the awareness of autism. This Event will be held at the KPACHO Restaurant located 1270 Union Turnpike New Hyde Park NY 11040, Seating begins at 5pm. However that’s not the only event Zing Flash Films is organizing and hosting, we are having our first annual Clarendon & New York Link Up Stage Show “Clarendon Tun Up”, A percentage of the proceeds from this event will also go to the Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation. For those who cannot make it to either of these events, they can make a donation small or large, every dollar counts. We are proud to be supporters for the The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation.

H.P: Tell us about the Fashion Aspect of your Business ( any new collections ) 
Z.F:  Currently we have three major clothing brand sponsors, Parish Nation, Hustle Gang and Akoo Clothing. We will be in Jamaica wearing the latest Spring and Summer Lines.

H.P: Why did you pick Jamaica to have an Event of this magnitude? 
Z.F: As Cv LNJ said "Live a foreign but mi nuh figet yard, cause a Ja mi born and grow". Our company is not limited to only Jamaica, however dance-hall reggae is one of the main component of our business focus, therefore its only natural that we would give back to our country and culture. As the great Bob Marley said "One Love".


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