The Reasoning Season 1 EP 1 : Keznamdi

“This is not a choice or hobby for me, Music chose me. it’s a way of life and the only thing I have ever known,” explains a passionate Keznamdi, describing why his path has already been carved out in stone.

Jamaican Recording Recording Artiste , Keznamdi
Keznamdi’s fate as a musician was inevitable, growing up with his parents who are lead singers of international reggae band—Chakula, touring the world and recording their 10 albums in the recording studio, located in his own home, buried in the lush St. Andrew hills of Jamaica.

Keznamdi ate, breathed and slept music. After countless nights falling asleep beside the strum of his fathers guitar, and hanging out back stage with his sisters at Reggae concerts, Kez already knew all the words to his parents’ songs at a very young age, bouncing perfectly on that infectious Reggae beat.

Not surprisingly, Keznamdi recorded his first song at 5 years old—“Mix a Color”—an educational song about color mixing, inspired by his mother’s background in early childhood education at Harvard University. Already a natural and crowd pleaser on stage, he jumped at the opportunity to perform Mix a Color at his moms album release tours for her popular children’s album “Save the World” which became a viral hit in primary schools across Jamaica.

Keznamdi Bio Courtesy of Reggaeville
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