Behind the Seams: Tie Hard

I was introduced to this Brand last year while coordinating a Fashion Show and since then I've been intrigued. This Brand has taken Men's Fashion in Jamaica to a new level by supplying key pieces every Man needs in his wardrobe whether he's an Executive or a Construction Worker. Today , Haute People goes Behind the Seams with Orlando Knight from Tie Hard.

H.P:  Tell us about Tiehard 
T.H: There is a genuine need for quality products for men, in Jamaica, at attractive prices. Tie Hard simply fills this gap by providing these items. We have items ranging from:

Neckties (slim, skinny, striped, paisley, solid color) ,Bow ties ,Cravats, Ascots , Jackets (leather, blazers, cardigans etc) , Cufflinks , Pocket Squares , Fedora Hats , Socks , Suits , Time Pieces ,
etc. Services include : Custom Tie Printing, Color Sourcing etc.

Orlando Knight
H.P:  How would you describe the "TieHard Man"
T.H: The “Tie Hard Man” is one that is confident enough to wear bold colors and styles and explore new and current trends, but, does not want to break the bank to do it… He believes he has more to offer than the clothes he wears or just looking good.

     H.P: What are 3 Key Pieces every man needs in his Wardrobe?
T.H: Every man should have a gray suit, white shirt and a red tie..

     H.P:  "TieHard" is there is story behind that name?
T.H: Tie Hard is all about men’s fashion, hence, we wanted a name that projected masculinity, like a successful action movie series.. so we changed the D in Die Hard to T and got Tie Hard and simply continued to play with the irony.

     H.P:   What Inspires you most on a daily basis?
T.H: The Bible, God, Thirst for success, meeting the demands of new people and new challenges everyday.

      H.P:  Most Innovative Business Idea (Top 4) Jamaica Yellow Pages/The Innovators (2012) , What are 3 Key Ingredients for running a Successful Business in Jamaica?
T.H: The largest percentage of the Jamaican populace are people who are making just enough money to survive, however, people still want things they cannot afford.. As long as you can provide these goods or services at affordable prices, you will win.

H.P: Finish the Sentence .. I cannot live without my....

Tel: 1-876-464-8606
instagram: @tie_hard
twitter: @tiehard

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  1. I think bright and brave is the way to go. Love the looks,

  2. I am impressed by his faith. I hope his brand goes global. Keep strong.

  3. This reminds me of the fun time we had vacationing in Jamaica. Our taxi driver became our friend and we ended up using him the whole time we were there. Great guy!

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  5. Nice look. I love that he is inspired by his faith.

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  7. What a cool business. It's always nice to see someone with a stand-out tie!

  8. A tie hard man sounds like my kind of man! This was a great interview.

  9. The red tie w/the gray suit does look really nice. Wishing him continued good luck with his business.

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  11. Wow, he sounds like such an inspirational dude. And I LOVE his style!

  12. Those bow ties are so fun! My husband would love to wear those to work.


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