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This Female Recording Artiste has been creating quite the Buzz both locally and Internationally with the release of her Mix tape "The Introduction". She is a Singer / Songwriter and former Model who even appeared in Glam and Gold the reality show of Jamaican-American Track superstar Sonya Richards-Ross. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Nefatari Cooper aka Nefatari.

H.P: Tell us about " The Introduction" Mixtape
N.C: The Introduction is a compilation of 8 songs that I have written and recorded, which represents me as an artist. It's a pretty versatile mix tape that has a mix of dancehall, reggae, and pop.  I have 2 collaborations on the mixtape, one with Delus from Sub Konchus camp and G Starr from First Capital camp.

H.P:Which Song applies to your life now? 
N.C: I would say my song "What U Think About Me" perfectly fits what is happening in my life right now.  As it says in the song, I'm living life, doing me, and i don't give a damn what u think about me.

H.P: How does your New York Fanbase respond to your Music? 
N.C: I'm getting a great response in NY from the mixtape.  It's been released online so my fans span from England, to Kenya, to Jamaica, and back to NY. I have been receiving tons of messages on Facebook saying they love the mixtape and lot of people have been supporting it by re-posting the cover on Instagram. I'm proud of the work I put in on this project and love the reaction I am getting. This is my first mixtape that I have released and it was more of a gift to my fans, who I call Neffi Nation.  I also have cds available and my team and I will be distributing them throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

H.P: How would you describe your sound? 
N.C: My sound is a mix of dancehall, reggae, and pop. I grew up listening to Dennis Brown, Sanchez, and Bob Marley, but I also listened to rap and r&b which has a great influence on my music.

H.P: What would you say is your breakout Song on the Mixtape? 
N.C: My break out song is definitely Rail Up with G Starr. It just debuted on Hot 97 in New York and is getting played at the major dances in Jamaica, such as Uptown Mondays and Weddy Weddy. I believe this is the song that will allow me to crossover into a major market.
H.P: What is the most valuable lesson you've learned while being in the Music Business? 
N.C: The best lesson I have learned while pursuing music is to always persevere.  I have been at this for about 7 years now and there have been ups and downs. However, every time I get back up, I hit another mile stone in my career.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... I cannot live without my ....


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