Behind the Seams: CraziiSocks

This dynamic duo decided to do more than what was expected when the typical College / University Student Graduates and goes out into "The World" of Work. These two combined their innate passion for Fashion and Business and created a Brand that is unique to Jamaica. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with  CraziiSocks.

H.P: How did the idea to form a Business like CraziiSocks come about?
C.S:  It was about July of 2014 when two alumni of the University of the West Indies were brainstorming for an innovative business proposal. After days of trying to conceptualize an idea that we believed in, we finally had that light-bulb moment. Being men of fashion, we figured working in the corporate sector limits expression of ones fashion sense to some extent but socks is the one thing that you can use to express yourself while still maintaining the caliber of the work environment. We ran with the idea and the rest is history.

H.P: How would you describe your "Creative Process"?
C.S: "Ideas never come when you are trying to come up with ideas." Sometimes we as individuals search too deep and too intensely whenever we are trying to get our creative juices flowing. Our creative process is very unorthodox. Our best ideas never arise during a brainstorming session or in lengthy meetings, instead they flow through our minds when we are preparing for bed or when we are doing dishes

H.P: What makes the CraziiSocks Brand Stand Out?
C.S: CraziiSocks stand out because it is the first of its kind in Jamaica. We have been able to sell the idea to our audiences and it has caught on immensely. We are recognized everywhere for our beautifully designed brightly colored socks and the word has been spreading like wild fire. 

H.P: Do you think the Jamaican Man's Style has evolved? If yes explain ( incorporate CraziiSocks influence )
C.S: The Jamaican Man's style has definitely evolved and is evolving more and more each day. Although men are limited to what they are allowed to wear especially within the corporate sphere, it is evident that employers have become a lot more open minded with regards to their fashion acceptability. We live in a society where fashion is our moot for expression without verbal altercation and it allows for a greater sense of creativity in the confines of corporate dress code. CraziiSocks is fashionable but acceptable way for one to express their creativity within the working world.

H.P: What are 3 Ingredients Today's Jamaican Entrepreneur needs for Success? ( in your opinion & experience )
C.S: Three key ingredients that are needed to become a successful entrepreneur are 
1. Belief
2. Fearlessness  
3. Capital
4 Innovative ( although you said three, you have to come with something that is new/unique towards potential customers, if it is already something that is on the market, ensure that your product/service has something different than your competitors to attract potential customers)

Belief: In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one has to believe in what they are doing. You cannot be a successful business person unless you truly believe in the goods and services that you provide. It is because of our belief in our products why we have the drive to do what we do on a daily basis without becoming annoyed or distracted.

Fearlessness: Many entrepreneurs never get their businesses off the ground because they fail to promote themselves. Self-promotion is one of the most beneficial but yet underutilized marketing tool that entrepreneurs have available to them. This is because of the fear of being ridiculed or looked down on by their peers. Be fearless and promote yourself.

Capital: There is no two ways about it. Capital is needed in order to get your ideas off the ground. However, many entrepreneurs allow their dreams to die because they did not have the capital right away. If you have a great idea, you can get the capital you need to start. Develop your business plan and show it to people you think would be willing to invest.

H.P: On a Friday night you can find me/us at ....
C.S: We have our favorite weekend chill spot. On most Friday nights when we are not working on our next move, you can find us chilling at A bar/lounge somewhere in Kingston

H.P: 3 Tips for being a "Fashionable Male"
C.S:   Being a fashionable male is not rocket science and it doesn't mean robbing the bank either. A man can easily upgrade himself fashionable by doing the following 3 things.

- Always be properly groomed. Hair, face, skin and hygiene should be first priority.

- Ensure your clothes is always clean and fits nicely. We really don't need to say much about dirty, smelly clothes, we all know the drill where that is concerned. However, clothes that fit nicely will always grab more attention than loose fitting baggy clothes. "An expensive baggy suit looks worse than a cheap close fitting suit."

- Wear some really nice clean CraziiSocks. Nothing speaks 'fashionable man' more than a pair CraziiSocks.

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