International News Feb 22-28 ,2015

Last week was a rather interesting week in the world of Entertainment. From Racial diss to Shirtless Celebrities. Haute People has the scoop on all the "Trending" stories last week.

Amber Rose Vs the Kartrashians ( Kardashians )

Tyga | Kylie Jenner | Amber Rose
So Amber Rose went on an Interview where she somehow commented on Kylie Jenner ( The Younger Sister of Kim and the clan .. the one with the Lips ) relationship with Rapper Tyga ( 25 ) who has a child and a baby mama btw. This one comment somehow bun Kanye as soon as Kim's name was mentioned. It lead to name calling and like a week of Twitter back and forth posts. While I believe this is all for Entertainment. I think Kanye should stay out of women's business in the first place and he had no right for calling out Amber Rose. It's no secret she's a Stripper ( which she's told us many times ) and Kim was a nobody until after the Sex Tape . Sit down Kanye! Take several seats

Bobbi Kristina -Brown

Whitney Houston's only Daughter has sadly suffered the same fate as her late mother where it relates to the whole being found in a tub with unknown substances. While this is a sad story because she is somebody's child and matter to people. I'm kind of tired of the story ... She chose to do all those things to herself ( in a way ) and at this point it's either they pull the plug or not. Once again .. I'm not heartless just truthful. We all have choices in life.

Giuliana Rancic Racist Comment

Giuliana Rancic
We all know Giuliana as the Host/ Anchor of E! News and Fashion Police Panelist .  I have no idea what possessed her to comment on Zendaya's Dreads smelling of Patchouli Oil and Weed. This is the same lady who praised Kylie Jenner's Dreads just a few months ago and described them as "edgy"

While Giuliana apologized on National T.V it wasn't cool. Dreads are a choice of hairstyle and not because a person wears dreads means they smoke weed. Giuliana was of course fired ( which I hope she will use the opportunity to EAT )  On another note .. Kelly Osborne made a remark that she would quit Fashion Police ( who cares ) if Giuliana didn't apologize. Again .. another boring story on Kelly's part but it had to be told.

Kylie Jenner purchases Lavish Home

Isn't it weird when a 17 year old purchases a 3 million dollar home and you are just there like "what is my life ".  Well, we've learned that the 5 bedroom, 6 bath home is around 4,900 square-feet with a pool, spa, home theater, library and 3-car garage. Not to mention, Kris Jenner says her daughter will spruce it up well - CelebBuzz!

Neil Patrick Shirtless at the Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris
Last Sunday Neil Patrick Harris played host at the Oscars. While some of the jokes were on point .. some were a bit uncomfortable. He somehow managed to keep things interesting while he transitioned throughout each segment. Doesn't it look like he's wearing extra socks : -|

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