Whitney : The Review

The greatest thing about Cable T.V is that it brings people all over the world together :-) #WhitneyHouston was a Trending Topic on Facebook and also on the timelines of everyone ( both male & female ) . Before I get into this I must preface by saying I'm no critic , just a young lady with a Blog .... since the Whitney issue is still a bit touchy I will only comment on the following categories: Acting/Actors , Story line , Overall Thoughts.

Acting/Actor: Yaya DaCosta was the main actress who played Whitney. If you are an America's Next Top Model Fan would would have recognized Yaya from Cycle 3 where she was the runner up. From there she went on to get roles in movies like: Take The Lead , Honey Dripper , The Messenger , Eve , All My Children and numerous commercials for Brands like Garnier Fructis. She has had a successful Career. Now for the truth.... I think  Yaya did an amazing job. She got all of Whitney's' mannerism , hand gestures , head movements and even her tone town pact! It shows that she researched Whitney extensively and did her best to portray the Legend. I also liked that they used an Actress with a similar body type , skin tone and hair. After all we all know Whitney was a skinny lady with big hair. Something Whitney and Yaya had in common they both have experience in modelling and Whitney graced the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

Yaya DaCosta

Whitney Houston in Seventeen Magazine
The Bobby Brown character kinda confused me. He was portrayed as calm and loving and! He was against Whitney's "habit".  The Media did not portray him like this at all ... they made him seem as if he was responsible for Whitney's "fall" , then again people will do anything to sell stories to make money. One thing that was highlighted was their crazy roller coaster love. They loved each other in a way that only they can understand ( regardless of what anyone thought... even Sissy Houston) For his acting I gave a 6/10. I like the way they subtly introduced the "play fight" in that Limo scene ... It's like it set the stage ( pun intended ) for even bigger realistic fights. He did the typical drinking , smoking , cheating etc ... typical stuff.

Arlen Escarpeta "Bobby Brown"

Storyline: This I felt was lacking .... I know the movie was called "Whitney" ( duh ) but I think we all wanted to know who was this "Bobby" this girl who use to sing on a Church choir fell in love with. I felt the movie only told one side of the story and I still wanted to know what Bobby was like ... like for real

Overall Thoughts : Great movie for a chill Saturday Night. I think Angella Bassett did an amazing job with this movie. It was probably one of the most watched movies on T.V and Lifetime has certainly been taking on more Projects to bring up their ratings. This was a hit for me. This is definitely Yaya's breakout role , though she's had other movie roles , she was never the lead. Sooo ... will we now be seeing more of Yaya getting serious roles?

Did You know : Deborah Cox Re-Recorded Whitney's Lyrics for the show? 

What did you think about "Whitney" 

Photo Credit | Essence Magazine & My MJTribute


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