Product Review : I&K Human Hair Weave Body Wave is one of the UK's leading online retailers of
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hair care and beauty products. They provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. Every 3 months i am sent a product/s to review.

Today I will be reviewing the I&K Human Hair Weave Body Wave in Chocolate Brown.  The Product retails for £54.99 on the Hair Trade Website.


Today makes it a week and a half since I got this Hair and I must say things were kind ofdifferent with this Hair. I've reviewed straight hair with this Brand before but this time I wanted to try something with a different texture. First off, the Hair I received did not look wavy at all ... The hair on the website had defined waves that are easily recognized but this hair was really , really straight.

I do notice that the Hair holds curls really well whether they are tight , loose or wavy. The Hair has a natural sheen and glossiness to it so not much maintenance is required unless you like your hair really shiny.

Hair Curled with Flexi Rods


As with most the Hair I receive from Hairtrade , I like to put them through a Gauntlett or Ultimate Challenge as I like to call it. No Product , No Heat , Ultimate Humidity ( No A.C ) for 24 Hours!! I used Flexirods to Curl the Hair Similar to the Picture above but rolled them tighter so they would last longer , then went on the Road with the Windows on a Hot Sunny Day here in Jamaica. 

The hair went from tight spiral curls by loose beachy waves. It did maintain the curls however I was extremely surprised that It did not fall flat under all the heat!!! While most parts of the world is experiencing Winter ... Jamaica is Hot like a Summer Day or any ordinary day for us here. I did have issues with Frizzing due to the Humidity but I had my I&K Leave In Anti-static Spay ( which I previously reviewed ) which was great for combating the frizziness without making me look like there was a Chia Pet growing on my head.


This Hair is low maintenance and is great for the woman on the go and also the Fashionista who enjoys experimenting with different hairstyles. If you decide to go with Curly or Wavy Hairstyles , I would recommend using Products for longevity to maintain those looks. This Hair as described on the Website is a #4 , however my Hairdresser described it as more of a #8. It does have a nice chocolately colour indoors but outside in Natural Lighting it has a much lighter color kinda close to a dark blond as you can kinda see on the ends in picture #1 above. I would recommend following the Hair care tips both on the website and the Pamphlet that comes with the hair so the Hair can last longer. 

Finally , the Hair was a bit too long for me as I'm 5"1" , Its belly button length. Though It's light I would cut it in the Future when I decide to try other styles. As it relates to shedding and tangling .. there was minimal shedding ... the hair does tangle if you curl it then roll in a Bun but this can be easily brushed out. For Hair, Accessories & Beauty Products, please visit.

I would recommend this Hair to a friend and gave it a 4 out of 5 just because it wasn't wavy.


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