Exciting Things to Do In 2015

With a new year comes changes and of course the "New Year Resolutions Fads". Always on the top of this list is to hit the gym or have a healthier lifestyle. For all those people who are looking for more realistic , attainable fun things to do .. you might find these helpful and humorous.

 Participate in a Color Run

You start off in a white T-Shirt , then at the end of the race you are a kaleidoscope of colors of paint splashed on you throughout the race. Click here for Color Me Happy Run 2015.

 Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can be challenging and fun! How about Japanese? Did you know they use symbols as opposed to Letters?

 Have an Ode to the 90's Marathon

We all have those incredibly "why me" terribly awful crash days. Remember those days when Music meant something? or even when Movies had substance? I guarantee if you take a trip back to the 90's , those blues would have vanished.

 Watch the Hills

#guiltypleasure .... We all remember that scene where Lauren packed her pink suitcases in her convertible B.M.W and headed to the Hills ..or the overuse of the work sucky to describe Spencer and life in general.


This is the year for wanderlust ... whether you have a Visa or not , there is always something new to discover in a different part of the country or the world. Travelling introduces you to new cultures and opens your mind to new ideas.

 Start a Business

While this might not be the most exciting thing to do per say .. or ever! This is the perfect year to open a Business once you have a great idea and capital to fund that idea.

 Meet New People

Step out of your comfort zone ( me ) and introduce yourself to people who share the same values and ideas as you. You might find that you are not that weird afterall .. well maybe you are

 Get a New Look

If you are tired of the same hair , clothes , make-up .. whatever! Change it up and keep it moving


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