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Day in the Life is a new series that takes us through a day in the life of select professionals from the Creative Industries. These individuals can be described as trailblazers in their fields or ordinary people with extraordinary careers. To kick things off .. I decided to start with myself. Find out what it's like to be a Full time Blogger with a Full time Job.

After work ( On Saturday ) I decided to check out some random stuff happening in Kingston. There was a Jewelry Expo where there was supposed to be over 100 Pieces. However , when I arrived after 4 p.m , the room was empty apart from the Jewelry and the Vendors , pieces were limited and overpriced so I took these pictures and kept it moving :-)


This day started at 4:30 ( Wake up Time ) Interview with a client on Full House Fridays at Fame Fm. Call time 7:30, actual interview 8:00.

Fashion Show

Mission Catwalk : The Final Showdown. It was an exciting show ... great production ... great vibes. All around good time

Media Launch

Food was ok ... not great and they started super late

Supporting Projects

Payattention is a Hip Hop Event that has been around since 2012! The Event returns on Jan 31 , 2015! Look out for weekly posts on Wednesdays for information about Artistes performing on the show leading up to the event.

This is not a conclusive "day" per say ...but I guess these are the common things I do on a daily basis. Left out is : Research ( Posts & People ) , Meetings ( Skype , Phone & Face to Face ) Writing Contracts , Proposals, various letters and so much more.


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