Behind the Seams: Xana Romeo

This upcoming Reggae Singer | Songwriter has been making her mark in the Reggae Music Industry as a quiet yet powerful force to reckon with. Born Azana Smith in the community of Greenwich Town , she previously released her mix tape "The Cleanse".  Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with, Xana Romeo.

H.P: You are the Daughter of a talented Artiste/ Musician .. care to share who he is?
X.R: I'm the youngest daughter of Reggae Veteran Max Romeo.

H.P: What was it like working with your father on "The Cleanse" Mixtape?
X.R: It was a very spiritual experience as the mixtape speaks about the cleansing process I recently went through. I was just another lost young individual walking the earth searching for myself, then my Dad said the most inspiring words "in order to know your self, first you must know who you are and where you're from, that will lead you to where you're going" . I started to listening until I heard the call. I was blessed with one of His Majesty's messenger, lucky enough to call him my father. My dad is the ear behind my work, I'll finish up a project and he'll say whether or not it's ready for the public. I enjoy working with my dad couldn't have had it any other way.

H.P: Which song from the Mixtape is a true embodiment of you as an individual?
X.R: I write my music as a reflection of me. All the tracks tell another tale. I believe music is a form of art, and just as how an artist expresses  his/her self though their work I express my self with music. You could listen to my work and tell who I am, if you get familiar with my music your familiar with me.

H.P: What would you say sets you apart from other Artistes?
X.R: Well just like every artiste out there, I have a voice I want to be heard, and a message I must deliver, but I refuse to adjust, I refuse to fix myself to the description of what is expected from female artistes today. For I've seen too many young girls go bad and later lose themselves for the dollar. I've notice that positive/educational music have been benched for a while, the media pushes the songs with no educational value, because they can't afford to educate the majority. For if the people turn the radio on everyday and hear "One Love, One Heart" they'll begin to live it, that way the government won't feed off us anymore, crime rate will drop, a world free be wrongs.

H.P: How would you describe your sound?
X.R: I don't really stick to one style. I'm still searching for my true sound. I sing every song just as it comes out. I don't really have a definite style of doing it. I just feel and sing that's it. Lol

H.P: Finish the sentence ... I cannot live without my .... 
X.R: I cannot live without my family, and Dub music.
What Dub does to me nothing else can.
The bass and drum - Love of my Life!
I can't even explain it lol

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