Blogmas Day 7 : Jamaican Christmas Dinner ( for Beginners )

I have to admit , I almost missed this day .... however I have challenged myself to write a post everyday in December and that is what I plan to do. With it being Sunday , I thought I would share basic must- haves for all those who will be making a Jamaican Christmas Dinner for the first time.

Here are a few Basic things you need at your Jamaican Christmas Dinner


For most people in Jamaica, there is no Christmas Dinner without a tall glass of Sorrel . This is a Reddish -Purple herb that according to some came from Africa. Sorrel is a herb or shrub usually planted in August and reaches maturity in December, just in time for the Holidays.

Gungo Rice & Peas

Though personally , I'm not a fan of Gungo Peas , it is the peas of choice for every Jamaican Christmas Dinner. Most people tend to go for green gungo as opposed to the regular gungo as it's more fresh and mixed with the coconut milk , gives the rice a nice taste.


This should have been #1 on the list because for most Jamaicans; if there is no Ham at Christmas Dinner , dem might as well nuh bodda cook. Ham is to a Jamaican Christmas Dinner what Turkey is to Thanksgiving.

Christmas/ Fruit Cake

Let me preface by saying laaaaaawwwwwd ... don't like this either .. too much stuff in the one cake. This cake is usually infused with Rum or good old Red label Wine and a bunch of other fruity delights. At the end of Christmas dinner , this is usually shared up and taken home with all guests.

Some sort of Salad

Now , here in Jamaica when we say salad we are making reference to a big tomato ( Plummie ) or anything that has mayonnaise in it.  There is either Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad. This give the dinner that extra niceness and makes it seem more official.

While there are so many different ethnicity in Jamaica, the Christmas Dinner spread might vary , however these are the main things most Jamaicans will have.

What items do you have for your Jamaican Christmas Dinner?

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