Blogmas Day 4: Party Dresses

I can see the weekend from here .... can you? Blogmas Day 4 :-) Today we'll be looking at fun Party Dresses. Christmas is the time of the year when people go extra hard as it relates to dressing up. There are Office Parties, Family Gatherings, Baby Showers .. you name it and there's a party for it. Below are a few Dress choices you might want to consider for your events, courtesy of Glamour Magazine.

Brocade Dress

Perfect Combination of Structure , Texture & Trend ( incorporating Mesh )

Halter Neck Dress

Clearly this Dress is "trending" as variations of it can be found on almost every Website. This one has a bit of Leather & Lace to add an edge

The Lace Dress

The Party would not be complete without a Lace Dress . This one has the perfect Brick Red or Oxblood Color perfect for the Holidays . Accessorize with a Belt and a pair of Heels.

Sequence Dress

This is considered a Staple for the Holidays! Who doesn't love a good Sequence Dress? If the Dress you have looks like this one ... try not to make it look crazy by adding un-necessary Accessories.

The Oddball

We all need that Dress that doesn't really fit into the natural flow of the other Dresses .. but they make a great conversation piece & let's face it ... for the Holiday Season everybody is sure to turn up in one of the Dresses above. You can avoid that "b*t@h stole my look" moment by wearing something unexpected.


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  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Sequence is definitely on my list .. love the lace too

  2. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I like the "Oddball" that's so me

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    The second dress is sooooo common! I wonder if it cheap why so much people have it .. lawks man


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