Blogmas Day 12: Fun Things to do on Friday

T.G.I.F!! I thought Friday would never come ( for real ) There are so many things to be grateful for at the end of each work week. Below are a few fun things to do:

Get up a bit later

By Friday my body cannot get out of that Bed! I set my alarm 20 minutes later but prepare all my stuff from the night before so all I have to do is get ready , get food and head out.

Dress Up a Little

Whether you work from home or go to a 9-5 Fridays are always great for dressing up a little. Add some color , texture and a fun handbag.

Treat yourself to Lunch

Throughout the week most people will take lunch from home or just grab whatever is available. How about a nice serving of Curried Shrimp or Pasta to nice up your day?

Have a Drink

You can find Happy Hour at almost any Restaurant on a Friday. Link with some friends and grab some drinks!! I do not recommend drinking on the job as this might not be protocol.

What do you do to make your Friday Fun?

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