Blogmas Day 22 : The Vajacent Trend

According to Urban Dictionary , Vaj : "Another way of saying Vagina". Two angles are adjacent when they have a common side and a common vertex ( center point ) but never meet. Where am I going with this introduction? Well , if you've been paying attention to the latest Trend on the Red Carpet , Runways and here in Jamaica .. you would have noticed slits that go all the way to the Vaj ...see what I did there? This new trend has been coined by the Fashion Editors over at Elle Magazine which they predict will go into the new year.

Ever since Kendal Jenner a.k.a Kendall stepped out in her white Fausto Puglisi dress at the MuchMusic Awards , there has been various re-creations of this hot new daring trend. The then 18 year old reality star teen donned the long sleeve embellished number with confidence and exposed pelvis Bone.

Tips for Wearing this Trend 

Confidence goes a long way! If you are planning to wear this trend , once you have that Dress or Jumpsuit on .. ensure you feel good and is not constantly tugging on the sides. This makes it extremely obvious that you are no confident. If you find your self constantly tugging or looking down ... don't wear it! Another touchy issue is that of the type of underwear and also that of shaving ( we get real on this Blog ) Ladies! Ensure your grass is moved to perfection! Jamaica is an Island with various breezes ... Imagine the North East Trade blowing in .. then out of nowhere comes a Photographer.. then snap! That un-mowed lawn suddenly pops up on Facebook or wherever for all to see ... No Bueno

Disposable Underwear - Purchased from Golden Closet in Kingston Jamaica $1,050 
As living breathing females there are certain lubrication that  happens down south ... unless you are at there age where it's a dry spell ( if you know what I mean ) You need to wear underwear ... sure in the Picture Kendall looks like she's not wearing any .. and maybe she's really not . The kind of underwear you need for this dress is a Disposable one. You can get this at most Lingerie stores in Jamaica or on sites like Amazon or Ebay and so on.

Will you be wearing this trend?


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