Blogmas Day 21 : How to Entertain like a Boss

We are almost at the and of Blogmas ... I know I'm excited as it was a challenge to write a post for 25 days straight! Today I will telling all you ambitions , talented cookists how to entertain at your parties like a boss.

Your job as the host is to ensure all your guests are comfortable and to facilitate socially networking ( not really) but just as a formality. Be sure to tell your guests the type of party it will be so they will dress accordingly and know whether or not to bring something. Invited guests it is your job to not show up with with two long hands as we say here in Jamaica if you are supposed to contribute to this party. One thing I hate about most parties is that the bathroom situation is never right. It is important that your Bathroom has these few essentials:

Paper Hand Towers: The regular towels are just gross if there will be a number of people wiping their hands in it.
- Liquid Soap in a Pump: Please make sure there is actual Soap in this pump so that guests are not pumping air. The Bar Soap is not recommended for hygienic reasons.
Extra Toilet Paper: If it's my party I would put a sign on that door that says "No #2" but that's not a good guest. Soo, I will just say ensure you have extra toilet paper as I'm assuming that at these events people usually eat the Toilet Paper since it always goes missing.
- Air Freshner Spray: Lordt! You all know why you need this so I won't event tell you ...get your spay to get it right.

Another important thing you need is a music .. if its a classy uptown party of course you won't play the likes of Alkaline. Of course you can't have a party without food , most people will opt for Hors D'Oeurves since they are bite size pieces and relatively inexpensive.

My final tip above all else is to ensure your house/space is clean! There are some people who like having people over and hate cleaning ( if you know what I means ) Unless you are one of those weird people on Hoarding: Buried Alive .. CLEAN !!! These are quick tips I hope will help you for your parties during this festive season.


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