Blogmas Day 20 : How to be a Fashionable Man for the Holidays

The harsh reality is that the typical male cares zero about how to Mix Prints or tries to figure out if the Belt is supposed to match with socks or should I wear a Tie or Bow-Tie. This post is to guide that Typical man on how to look Fashionable for the Holidays. In today's society, there is a special species of men that are Fashion Forward. Today, we will be sharing tips on how to be a well dressed man for the Holidays.

There is one thing that all well dressed men have in common and that is confidence. It takes a serious amount of confidence to wear Leopard Print Pants with a Floral Blazer. Aside from confidence, there are a few key pieces every well dressed male needs as a part of his Wardrobe: A Leather Belt, A Blazer, A Suit , Dress Socks , A Dress Shirt and a Tie. These pieces should be either 1 basic color or a stand-out piece so that they can easily be mixed and matched.

Men often get discouraged when they hear these things as they feel "Oh No I will have to go Shopping". There are stores like Lee's Fifth Avenue in Jamaica that offer a selection of the items named above and if you are looking for a variety of items you should definitely check out Paul Frederick. This is an online Boutique that offers a wide selection of Dress Shirts , Ties , Suits , Sport Coats , Pants , Sweaters and so much more to fill your closet.

Holiday Styling Guide

In order to guide you to look your best for this Festive Season , I've come up with a Trendy Look.

I like the color of this Blazer as I feel it's subtle enough to go with just about anything. The Dress Shirt is white and will compliment the Grey really nicely and will be great to mix and match with a number of outfits. The Tie is a great deal as you might not want to wear it with the Blazer , but it's great with other outfits. The belt selected is a standard Brown Belt ... which is necessary to hold your pants at your waist! And finally the shoes ... you can't be wrong with Velvet Loafers. Ensure you wear socks with those Shoes and if you don't remember to Lotion your feet!

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