Blogmas Day 19 : How NOT go go broke AFTER the Holidays

Tis less than a week to Christmas and all about the town ... people are scurrying about ... spending up all that cash! People tend to go crazy during this time of year over spending and getting all crazy. By the time it reaches December 31,2014 most people are broke and wonder where all the money went. If you are looking to go into the New Year with dough, follow the tips below.

Only buy what you NEED: Unless you got a million dollar bonus , there is no need to go to every store and participate in every Sale. Focus on key items you need to update your home and wardrobe, and only gifts for essential people.

Make Purchases after Christmas: Most companies will hike up their prices and tell you it's a deal...But! If you purchase items after Christmas it will be significantly cheaper just because they are clearing out their stock for the new year.

Plan in Advance: There are so many saving options where you will have enough cash by the end of the year. There is the popular Partna Plan here in Jamaica .. Banks have various goal oriented savings options so it's important to check those out.

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