Blogmas Day 17 : Christmas on a Budget

It;s really sad that during this festive season , not everyone will be able to afford to re-paint their houses , buy nice sheets or will even have a lavish Christmas Dinner. Let me start by saying this is not the end all or be all of your life so relax while I give tips on how to make the most this season a a budget.

Breathe: Christmas only comes once a year .. it is no different than other day except it's the time they said Jesus was born . If you don't have it to spend .. you just dont. Please don't stress your self on the things you don't have or looking at what your friends are buying. Just Breathe and you will be fine.

Find Alternatives: There is always a dupe of just about any product on the market ... even on Christmas Trees. You might look on Instagram and see people with huge Christmas Trees and you can only afford a mini Tree. All you have to do is get your Tree , get some inexpensive decorations and make it a center piece.

DIY Gifts: No money to buy gifts? No Problem! You have two hands don't you. Visit sites like Pinterest , Youtube or P.S I made this and make your very own gifts.

Buy in Bulk: Instead of trying to prepare a Christmas Dinner all by yourself , ask friends and family to bring items to prepare. This will save you a lot of money ( and time )

I hope you all have a Productive, Festive and well rested Holiday Season

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