Blogmas Day 15 : 3 Places to Never Buy Make-up Online

Hello Blogmas Day 15!!

As you all know by now , we are in fact living in a Digital Age everything is Online. Below are some of the places to never buy Make-Up Online. 
Make-Up is something that when used on the skin must be seamless.  Buying the wrong shade can totally throw off your look especially if its from a brand you've never  tried before. Based on a quick survey I did with my friends on Facebook and of course research , here area few places you should never buy Make-Up from Online.
1. Sammy Dress: By now you must know how i feel about this website. I’m not being mean or throwing this company under the bus , but! I tried them in all the categories they offer and the results have always been bad. First- Off , the picture is nothing like it seems when you receive the actual product in hand. Also, the texture is completely off , It might be due to the climate and the length of the journey. When you get your product , you will find that it’s oily . There are a few of these products that Sammy Dress dupes , so i’m thinking they use cheap ingredients which is why the product is not the way its suppose to be.
2.  This store is great for Clothing , Shoes and Accessories for $10 or less. As it relates to Make-Up … Not so much. They have an overload of Kleancolor items and Nyx and other un-named brands. The interesting thing about their make-up is that they mainly have Nail-Polishes.
In my opinion, they should change their heading from Make-up to Cosmetics to Miscellaneous. The selection is also not that great as it relates to color. The items they have are not “trendy” as there are a lot of brightly colored items that would be great for Halloween or some sort of Costume Party , but not for everyday wear.
3. Covergirl: I know this might come as a shock to some people , but believe me sometimes big name companies have bad products. The thing about Covergirl is that it has been around for awhile and comes with a lot of hype. The thing that makes them one of the worst places on this list is that the Make-Up on the website is not true to shade. Please also consider that the resolution of a picture will differ for each computer . I made a purchase  just 3 weeks ago from the Queen Collection line and was greatly disappointed when I received the actual product. It does not match my shade. In these hard times I have a product just sitting on my dresser that I can’t use. I must give Covergirl kudos for their Style Lab where you get to virtually try on anything . But It needs a bit more tweaking to match shades for individuals of different ethnicity.
When purchasing Make-Up Online , It is important to find out whether or not the company is not only reputable , but also that the Product is True to Shade
What is the Worst Place you’ve ever bought Make-Up from Online?
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