Blogmas Day 10: Tips for meeting the Parents at Christmas Time

Bonjour! It is my absolute favorite day of the week ... Wednesday!! Today, I will be sharing a few tips for meeting the Parents ( at Christmas Time ) This can be quite daunting especially at Christmas time when you are meeting everybody at once. These will be real tips so brace yourselves.

1. Dress Appropriately: Ladies , I have to start with you .. leave that freakum dress for the Club. Yes you can wear a form fitting dress but ensure its not that tight that they can all know the type of underwear you are wearing. You can be trendy and modest at the same time. Guys! No muscle shirts or cut- off pants or shear tops! A nice clean shirt without wrinkles and a pair of jeans will do fine.

2. Know their names: This seems like a no-brainer but it has to be said. Ensure that you know their names and call them Mr or Mrs whatever. If after the introduction they tell you to call them by their first names or whatever .... then do as they wish.

3. Be Social: Don't just go to the people's house and just sit there in a corner all by yourself; make conversation! You can talk about the Weather , Politics , Current Issues or yourself .. just talk.

4. Don't be an ass kisser: Told you this would get real . Again I start with the ladies... sometimes we might tend to agree with our boyfriends' mother especially when it comes to stuff like cooking . "Sure I can make a dinner from scratch for 25 people" ( LIE ) " Sure I can have twins , go to work , build a small country and have time for your son ( LIE ). Guys you are not to be spared! Just be honest and you are good to go.

5. Leave Politely: Don't just leave right after you eat without saying thanks or offering to help with the clean-up. Yes you are not there to clean ... but its a nice gesture. It shows that you are interested in going beyond the dinner to connect with the parents on a level. Finally , ensure that when you help it's genuine.

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