Blogmas Day 1

Happy December Guys! This is the first official day of Blogmas!!! For my new readers .. Blogmas is that time of year when Bloggers challenge themselves to write a post relating to the holiday season everyday in December. Today , we will start with "Cool Christmas Gifts for Kids"

# 1 Something from Frozen: Frozen was a big hit movie for little girls ( & boys ) and every little kid knows a song from Frozen. If you are looking to score big with kids this year .. get them something from Frozen. A favorite for the season is the Elsa & Anna Dolls. For more Frozen Gifts, you can visit amazon.

# 2 PSP : The PSP Vita is one of the latest hand held games from Playstation. Kids these days are super busy lazy and have no time to be lugging around a game console with all those cords & stuff! Why not buy them a Vita? In Jamaica you can get one in the $30,000 price bracket ( more or less with tax ) or you can get a better deal on Amazon :-)

3 A Chromebook: I know what you are thinking ... but hold your horses! We live in a Digital Age and life as we know it has changed. A Chromebook makes a great gift for a kid because it is inexpensive and have a lot of features that kids can use for educational and recreational purposes. The average Price for a Chromebook is $149 -$247 usd. This is great to start out with if you can't quite reach a Macbook.

# 4 Cash: While it's not tangible ... cash makes a great gift for Kids. Its a nice little incentive for them at the end of the year to make them feel special.

5 A Cellphone: Please don't go overboard or crazy and get your kids an iPhone 6! There are smaller less expensive phone like a Huawei here in Jamaica that you can get on Sale based on whatever promotion LIME or Digicel is having .They will need a phone so you can communicate with them AFTER school just to see if they've finished extra lessons so you don't have to go in and wait endlessly.

Those are my top 5 gifts for Kids

What will you be giving your kids this year?


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