What to Expect at the C.M.As 2014

If you are tuned in to ABC on a Wednesday night you are probably used to seeing the regular Wednesday Comedy Block of Modern Family , then Blackish .... not tonight. Tonight A.B.C takes it to music city Nashville for the C.M.A's 2014.

The first thing you will see is Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood. They are kind of an odd pairing but they can sing and they look good! Some of the jokes might be a bit stiff and inappropriate but they make it work with their wit and of course outfit changes. Side Bar: Doesn't Carrie look good pregnant?

Tim Tebow presenting an Award! The faithful athlete will be presenting Song of the Year. He's kinda awkward but again it works.

Ariana Grande performing with Little Big Town! This young lady is all over the place ( in a good way ) . We all know Nashville is the place to be if you are looking to build a solid music career and Ariana has pulled out all the stops!  I'm wondering if she will have that cutesy look with that one ponty tail or will she be in boots & daisy dukes.

Jennifer Lawrence is a guest! What is she even doing there? Let's not forget she's an A-List celebrity so that gives her all the right.

Miranda Lambert  & Blake Shelton, yes they've been through a lot this year but believe it or not , they were both nominated for Single of the year. Miranda won  ...  but they looked so uncomfortable together right? Lawks Miranda .. you can buss a one smile enuh ... sure Brad Paisley is no comedian but smile when the camera comes on you.

Taylor Swift's Absence, yes swifties ... Taylor is not at the CMA this year . The nation is currently suffering from Post Traumatic Taylor Swift Absence  ( not really ) But this is where Taylor Swift got her start in the Country Music Genre . You better have a great explanation why you were absent missy

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