What I Miss About Being Single

Every stage of life has its pros and cons. Example, going through high school as a full time student my major responsibilitywas taking home good grades. No bills to pay etc. The con, it came with its share of pressure to get those “A” grades. As I recall conversations with singles friends; I conclude they are missing out on a very special stage in life, by focusing way too much time on finding a partner. Since I got married young, I look at the lives of my single friends and at times I get jealous. Here aretwo things I miss greatly about being single.

I Miss My Friends

Girls Night Out

Yes I went to an all-girls high school (St. Hughs), but I preferred my male friends. That’s all we were friends! I could chill with them and girl watch *smile*. I was used a lot to get a girl’s number, best believe I used them too for numbers. I missed the calls to come have lunch and chill. Since I got married these friendships are just not the same. In respect for my marriage, my time with them is limited to social media “hail ups.”
My girlfriends have forgotten I have a social life not limited to my spouse and children. I don’t get invited to impromptu girls’ night out. I often hear “…because you have to go home to your husband,” for not getting the invite. So, I just live vicariously through their pictures, (sad, but true). I will just continue to comment asking, “Where was my invite?” until they get it that my social life is not restricted to my household only.
I think I will start doing the inviting; schedule friends in, since spontaneous nights for pizza is less likely. After all, friendship is two sided right?

I Miss Alone Time

Alone Time

To get alone time, I now have to wait until everybody is a sleep at nights, or waking up earlier than everybody else, to be alone with my thoughts. I love my husband and children dearly, but sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and disappear for even just half hour. No “where is my shoes?” “Mommy me hungry” and never ending cries.

I appreciate the time I get when he takes them to grandma’s house, but the time is spent getting chores done. Not to sit and do whatever I want (put my feet up).In my singleness I never realized how valuable quiet time was. I wish I spend more time in the words of God. Now I am tired and not as focused during late night readings; it’s a daily struggle finding the right time to be with my Lord. Singles are so blessed with the privilege of more free time to fall in love over and over again with the Lord. I pray for my single friends that they are using this time wisely.
There is so much more I miss about being single. But these two are at the top of my list. Because of all the other things I miss, I believe something can be done to improve these areas. Being single is awesome! So does having a family. The secret is being content and staying happy in the stage you’re at.

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