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Just a few days ago pictures from Solange Knowles’ wedding surfaced and Hauties I almost had a fashion heart-attack. What I Like about the wardrobe choices she made was that she stood true to her own style and had things her way and she definitely broke all the rules. Here’s a pic of her bridal party and everyone looks amazing. The picture is very Lauryn Hill-esque and I love it.

I have always been obsessed with fashionable wedding story. One of my favourite bridal movie scenes is the one in Sex & the City where Carrie Bradshaw has her bridal shoot for Vogue wearing nothing but bridal couture.
This all got me thinking should a bride feel pressured to stick to the puffy white dress with the mile long train and veil? or should she be a trailblazer and make her own decisions?Personally I think its your day and you should do it however you want.Here are some off the beat suggestions for that little extra wedding day glamour while still maintaining your personal sense of elegance.

1. The Deep Plunge
Back in the early 70’s when Mick and Bianca jagger said “I DO” they did itin true rocker fashion. Bianca took the plunge both in marrying a raging rockstar and with that wedding day suit. She wore a plunging  white jacket and skirt combo and topped it off with a wide-brimmed hat and a veil. This look is tame by today’s standards but cause quite a raucous back in the day.

2. Off to the Beach

MK and Ashley may have just been bridesmaids at this wedding but this would make an awesome inspiration for a beach day bride.

3. Drip-dry Green
Naomi Stole the show at the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco. She might not have been the bride but who says you can only rock neutrals as a bride?

4. Canary Yellow


Who can forget Elizabeth Taylor and her first time round as Richard Burton’s wife. The clean refreshing canary yellow dress is perhaps one of Taylor's most iconic looks. She might have had many husbands but just like diamonds her style is forever and so can yours.

Your wedding day is your time to celebrate love and life and only you can say what your dress should look like, Be true Be You Be Haute

-Fashion Contributor


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  1. I say be true to your style. It is your wedding day for crying out loud!!


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